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Total Film just leapt back from an exclusive preview of Tom Cruise’s latest action sci-fi Edge Of Tomorrow, which was introduced by the man himself via a video pre-record (futuristic!), and accompanied by an in-person Doug Liman, who stayed around for a post-footage Q&A. 

Selflessly, Cruise spent much of his intro talking up his collaborators, describing director Doug Liman’s achievements in film – reminding us that he’s done everything from Swingers to The Bourne Identity – references which actually turned out to be a pretty good indicators of what we went on to watch.

He also described his co-star Emily Blunt as a “Bad-ass, with extraordinary range.” And we saw plenty of evidence of that in the footage, as well.

But Cruise didn’t get left out of the praise party. Liman went on to say: “Tom is a brilliant comedic actor, truly brilliant. He’s the gutsiest, most courageous actor I’ve ever worked with.”

Even if, at one point, he did acknowledge the unique section of films fans who dislike Cruise on sight –  “If you hate Tom Cruise, he dies 200 times in the movie.” – Liman was full of genuine admiration for his star and, from the evidence of what we saw, his respect is completely deserved. This is the best we’ve seen from Cruise in a long time (and we’re big Oblivion fans).

You can read the rest of the article (which contain SPOILERS) HERE.