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Tom, Emily and director Doug Liman have participate in a live chat about ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ this evening. Here you have Tom’s answers to his fans questions.

Question: Wat made u interested in making the movie?
Answer: Working with Limon, and the story lends itself to a very unique character journey with the superpower of resetting the day.


Question: How was it while working with Emily
Answer: She brings tremendous versatility and strength of character. And she’s a lot of fun to work with


Question: How long does it take to put on the metal suits?
Answer: Originally the suit took 30 min to put on and 10 to take off. After much practice, we got it down to under a minute.


Question: How difficult was it filming the scenes in Central London, looks amazing!!
Answer: Love it, made a lot of films there. I’m shooting the next Mission Impossible there this summer.


Question: What was it like working on set with Emily Blunt?
Answer: She’s a charming badass.


Question: What is the reason for 3 premieres in one day
Answer: It’s the theme of the movie, and I get to see more fans in one day than ever before.


Question: how much training did you have to do for the movie
Answer: A hell of a lot


Question: Groundhog Day for the future!?!
Answer: I dig Bill, and that movie’s a classic. This film is a different take on the reset.


Question: How sick is this movie going to be in 3D?
Answer: sick


Question: who is the goofiest on set
Answer: We all took turns.


Question: Bill Paxton is one of my favorite actors, do you like working with him?
Answer: From Aliens to Chet from Weird Science, I’ve always wanted to work with him.


Question: what was the last movie you watched except Edge Of Tomorrow
Answer: I watch a movie every day. Just re-watched Patton


Question: BEFORE YOU GO ……WHat are you most excited for fans to see in this movie??
Answer: There are so many things I’m excited for fans to see – from the characters, to the exo suit, to the humor, to the world.