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Tom has talked with Weibo’s fans just a few minutes ago.

Talking with Weibo’s Fans- May 26th 2014



Here you have his answers to his fans questions:

Q: Why you had been attracted to the role?
A:The concept lent itself to a truly unique adventure allowing drama and character comedy. I created an unlikely hero in Cage. Someone who starts out as not a soldier, and someone who has never been in combat.

Q: What was it like working with Emily?
A: She’s tremendous in the movie. Funny, smart, tough – Emily was great to work with.

Q: the one and only reason we MUST see this movie?
A: it’s AWESOME.

Q: What are the major challenges during shooting EOT?
A:We have a very specific story we’re telling. It’s an epic action adventure, but it’s a very personal journey. We worked for years on the story and the characters.

Q: How do u like ur role?
A: I’m very proud of what the director Doug Liman & writer Chris McQuarrie & I accomplished with these characters. I have never played a character like this before.

Q: Can you describe your role, pls?
A: He starts out as a reluctant hero who is a coward, who through extreme circumstances is forced to carry the torch to try to save the world.

Q: I heard that the suit weigh almost 60KG, how long do you wear it every day?
A: I worked for months beforehand developing the suit with our production team to figure out how we could actually make it work. Yes, it was very heavy. I had to wear it all day for months. It looked real because it is real.

Q: How do you keep fit? You have a perfect body.
A: It’s something that I do as an actor, because my body is the tool I use in every performance, and making films take a tremendous amount of endurance even if there isn’t action. I do whatever it takes to get it done for the characters.

Q: Which is the best part of this new movie that we can expect?
A: We’ve been screening the film for audiences and have had extraordinary response to the story and characters. There are action scenes in this movie like you’ve never seen before.

Q: I enjoy all of your movies, do you like China?
A: 谢谢! I do it for you the audience. I also want to say hello to everyone out theres & i want you to know how cool it is for me to be able to talk directly to you all right now in China.

Q: Which city of China attracts you the most?
A: I’ve shot in Shanghai. I was able to go to Beijing to visit the Great Wall. And there are many other cities & provinces I look forward to visiting. I’ve enjoyed every place in China I’ve been to and I want to come back & see more.

Q: Do you want to work with Chinese directors?
A: My dream was always to make films internationally. I’m always looking to work with international casts and filmmakers. I think there are many talented directors in China. To just name a few, I don’t want to insult the rest.

Q: You came to China last year, are you into Chinese food?
A: I love Chinese cuisine. The dumplings are delicious.

Q: How many times should I watch this film?
A: This is a film you will not tire of. The more times you see it, the more you’ll get out of it.

Q: How does it feel ‘LIVE DIE REPEAT’?
A: That concept is why Doug Liman and I wanted to make the film. Because every time the character dies he gets better. Think of going through a video game – every time you reset, you can get to the next level.

Q: There are lots of Tom Cruise fans in China, what do you want to say most to them?
A: It’s a privilege for me to make movies and it’s an honor for me to have my film shown in your country and to be speaking with you today.