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Mentor L.A. will honor Tom Cruise at a fund-raiser chaired by Megan and Peter Chernin March 22 on the Fox lot.{nl}The nonprofit org aids schools in L.A.’s poorest communities, primarily through educational reform and outreach to the private sector. Crenshaw, Manual Arts and West Adams Prep are three of the schools that will benefit.{nl}”Tom is really, truly passionate about helping public schools,” said Megan Chernin. “And our organization wants to help the large public schools in areas desperately in need of revitalization. We want to make the schools the beacon of hope in these neighborhoods.”{nl}For the gala, the org has lined up as co-chairs Brad Grey, Robert Iger, Michael Lynton, Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall, Barry Meyer, Paula Wagner, Rick Nicita, Harry Sloan, Ron Meyer and Terry Semel.{nl}If you want to know more about the Mentor LA, click here{nl}Source: Variety