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Lots is happening over at the FOREVER FORUM this fall, so pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and join us for some fun discussion and interaction with other Tom fans !

Starting tomorrow , Monday, September 17th,  and continuing each Monday thereafter,  we’ll be focusing on one of Tom’s many, compelling, exciting and interesting films with our new FILM OF THE WEEK feature.  

We’ll have pics, video, trivia and behind the scenes information, as well as a discussion series for each film, in addition to the wealth of information already existing in the forum. 

This new feature promises to be interesting, active and FUN, where Tom’s fans, or even just fans of the specific film being discussed, can relax, open up and chat!

We begin this discussion series with one of Tom’s earliest films:  TAPS.

In addition, as the fall progresses, we’ll be adding even more fun features to the forum!

Don’t miss out!  Anyone interested in positive, fun discussion with other fans, is welcome to join!    Just click on the link above.  Your membership will be approved with 24 hours.

We look forward to meeting you in the forum!