Alt Film Guide. Tom Cruise is the last movie star, fortunately, he’s in Edge of Tomorrow, making it better despite itself.


Bloody Disgusting. The film utilizes a flurry of fireworks effects and strong character development to create a sci-fi masterpiece.


Lyles’ Movie Files. Proves a summer blockbuster doesn’t have to be based on a comic book film or a sequel to be just as exciting, thrilling and entertaining.


Badass Digest. Edge of Tomorrow is everything you wish summer blockbusters were – strong, charismatic central performances anchoring excellent FX work in the service of a well-constructed and smart story.


Toronto Star. A sharp sci-fi thriller that’s going to be hard to beat as the summer’s best blockbuster.


San Francisco ChronicleCruise is a delight, exactly what he needs to be, fluid enough for comedy, physical enough for action, always going with the flow and yet finding ways to make moments memorable.


Washington Post. [Cruise] delivers a one-man master class in his own fascinatingly protean screen presence.


Hollywood & Fine. Fast, exciting, surprisingly witty and just plain satisfying..the first really exciting movie of the summer-the most original, the most invigorating and the most entertaining.


Las Vegas Informer. Terrific. Best of the summer. Cruise oozes charisma and has real chemistry with Blunt.


Canada.com.  Liman is a true master of the genre, and with Cruise and Blunt standing in the crosshairs of the viewfinder, Edge of Tomorrow not only works as pure escapism, it feels like a first-class ticket.


Film.com. It’d be easy to dismiss Edge of Tomorrow as just another blunt-force summer movie, but it’s sharp as a scalpel in the deft hands of its makers, with the kind of smarts, wit, filmmaking and force too many other summer films can only dream of.


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