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First reviews about ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ are surfacing at Twitter by people who have seen the movie in advance screenings at it looks people is loving it.

Just saw @EdgeofTomorrow and I want to #LiveDieRepeat @wbpictures best action movie this year @TomCruise review soon! ( ‏)

Edge of Tomorrow was absolutely FANTASTIC! imagine a bad ass Sci Fi version of Groundhog Day. A must see and must own!(
Edge of Tomorrow was wonderful. Exceeded my expectations and the trailers don’t do it justice. Great plot, good acting, surprisingly funny!(Matt Keaton ‏)
Just saw @EdgeofTomorrow at an early screening. Great movie, amazing special effects…for sure worth the extra for 3D. #EdgeOfTomorrow(Verified Micah ‏)
So…..I actually liked it?????
Just saw an advance screening of it and I must say that I havent enjoyed a Tom Cruise “action” movie in a long long time, and I know everyone is comparing it too Groundhog Day, which is totally fair, because that was my first thought too (and I hadnt watched any of the previews) the action was good and there were TONS of funny scenes, lots of big laughs in the theatre during the movie, and the chemistry between Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise was enjoyable as well!(deesirius)
Saw an advanced screening of @EdgeofTomorrow! Holy cow @TomCruise just blew my mind! @wbpictures #Unreal3D #AmazingAction #GreatJob!(Alex Kohnstamm)
 I’d classify this film as a sci-fi action thriller, layered with comedy.  It isn’t straitlaced, but takes itself seriously at the same time.  I like the reasoning for time-travel here (and we do get a concrete reason).  Everything just works in it.  Everything.  I saw it in 3-D, a medium I’m terribly “meh” on, and even that worked!  I didn’t feel like I was looking at a video game or anything.(jillrobisfangirl)