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{nl}Tom wrote an article in this weeks People Magazine about his dear friend, Paul Newman.  Below is the text of the article.{nl}”The first time I met Paul Newman was 25 years ago when I went in to audition for Harry & Son, a movie he was directing.I remember that Joanne Woodward was there and – I will never forget this – she was knitting during the meeting, but she had her eye on every single thing happening in the room.  They were a true team.  I didn’t get the part, but Newman remembered me, and two years later I had the honor of acting opposite him in The Color of Money.  Because he was so respected, so famous and so beloved, he was bigger than life to me…but he always had a way of putting us all at ease.  For all his accomplishments, he was incredibly down-to-earth and real.  He had a great sense of humor about life and himself.  {nl}We stayed friends long after The Color of Money.  He called me Cruiser or sometimes Kid.  We would grab time to hang out whenever we could find it.  When you would go to his house for dinner, he’d cook for everybody.  Once I spent New Year’s Eve with his family.  They gathered around the piano and everyone sang.  His wife and children adored him and he them.  It was but one of many cherished memories I have of spending time with Paul, his family and his friends.  {nl}Toward the end of shooting on The Color of Money, Paul got me into car racing, and I ultimately raced on his team.  The last time we raced was a few years back.  We were trying out different cars at Willow Springs Raceway in California.  Per usual, I thought I had him beat…but suddenly he comes around the corner.  His car was next to mine.  Then he flips me off and blisters past.  You’ve gotta love it.  It was pure Paul Newman.{nl}Paul Newman gave me an enormous gift – his friendship.  He was a great movie star…a great actor and a great family man.  And then on top of it all, he became a great philanthropist.  His life will forever inspire me.  The world has lost and icon;  I have lost an idol.”{nl}Source:  People Magazine{nl}The team at Tom Cruise Forever wishes to extend our deepest sympathy to Paul’s wife, Joanne Woodward and their children.  Rest in Peace Paul.