By in September 26, 2008 • Filed in: News, Press Releases

Rogers and Cowan, Tom’s PR firm, has issued a statement clearing up a rumor that has been rampant on the internet claiming that Tom’s sister, Lee Anne De Vette is again his publicist.  Although we would NEVER report the gossip and nonsense from celebrity tabloids and online gossip sites, most other sites don’t have the same high standards and morals we do. We do not allow gossip or report it here on our main site or in our forums and it is our pleasure to assist in debunking it.{nl}Sincere thanks to Arnold Robinson at Rogers and Cowan for keeping us in the loop and giving us the opportunity to prove that, once again, tabloids and online gossip sites offer nothing but false rumors, innuendo and other assorted trash.{nl}{nl}”In regards to the media reports appearing yesterday reporting that Tom Cruise’s sister, Lee Anne De Vette, is his publicist is false.{nl}We at Rogers & Cowan represent Tom Cruise worldwide in the area of publicity and public relations. Lee Anne De Vette, who is his sister, is not involved in this area for her brother at all.{nl}As it was announced three years ago, she remains as his assistant working in areas of his production company that do not include publicity or public relations.”{nl}Source:  Press Release/Rogers and Cowan{nl}