By in December 15, 2008 • Filed in: News, Press Releases

Tom has issued a statement, which has been sent to us here at FOREVER by his staff, stating that the missing Blackberry the world was talking about about last week never left his person!{nl}He was surprised to hear the news printed in The New York Post, Daily Telegraph in Austrailia and British Daily Mail (and then picked up by the wire services as truth) that reported that the phone, with it’s list of personal and A-list contacts, had gone missing in Toronto last week during his promotion of ‘Valkyrie’ north of the boarder.  {nl}Tom says:{nl}”I never heard it (the story).  No.  It was never missing.  I never lost it.”{nl}So was the story completely untrue?{nl}”I guess.  I’ve had a few of those.”