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Here you have the French, Spanish and the Korean version of the latest ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ poster.

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Cruise! Schwarzenegger! Jackman! Pegg! Thompson! Cox! And the other Cox! This year’s Empire Awards were the biggest and best ever, and we have the very best photos from a night to remember. (Source: Empire magazine).

We’ll add the scans from the magazine as soon as we can.

Empire- June 2014

tcf_empirejune2014-001 - copia


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New banner of Tom asLt. Col. Bill Cage.


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Here you have a preview of the article that appears in Best Movie Italian magazine about ‘Edge of Tomorrow’.


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Warner Bros Pictures has debuted a new poster for ‘Edge of Tomorrow’.

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Promotional Stills

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‘Let Tom Cruise be your inspiration and hustle to secure your Festival tickets now.

Where is Tom Cruise running to? To get his TFF 2014 tickets, of course!  Join the dash to buy the best seats to our best movies before it’s too late. Maybe securing your festival seats is not quite the extreme situation that usually causes Mr. Cruise to put on his running shoes, but it’s close, very close.

Set to the soundtrack of Bruce Springsteen’s immortal “Born to Run,” this 2 minute super cut of Tom running throughout the years should provide the perfect inspiration for you to hurry and snatch up those TFF 2014 tickets before they’re gone!’