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Tom attended a business meeting at the LACMA in LA yesterday. You can see the pics HERE.

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We’ve added pics of Tom at Japanese TV Show Osama No Buranchi.

Osama No Buranchi (Japan)- May 31st 2013


Tom was spotted outside Chateau Marmont last Saturday. Enjoy this pic posted at Twitter.

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Julissa Bermudez, Empire Girls star,  has twitted this pic of Tom.

‘Never know who you’re gonna run into in LA! Mr. Tom Cruise himsel.P.S. he totally remembered being interviewed by me and @bigtiggershow years ago on 106!! ‘

In LA- June 1st 2013

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A while ago it was circulating around the internet that J. J. Abrams had consulted on an early draft of the film, but of course it turned out that had happened with the first film.  Out of interest, do you have any idea what his level of involvement was?

Yeah, it’s weird! I’m now working with J.J. and it was something I asked him about- my new job is the next Mission: Impossible movie.

Actually, I was going to bring that up. Congratulations, obviously- that’s a hell of a franchise to be a part of. I appreciate that you’ve literally just come on board, and if you have any ideas yet you can’t reveal anything, but could you discuss your attitude to the franchise so far? It’s pretty unique, in that Tom always gets a different director with a specific vision for each instalment so it never gets stale.

[The Mission: Impossible franchise] has been doing for a while what Marvel is now doing, particularly for Phase Two, which is trying to bring a different flavour to each of the movies. To be honest, we’ve really only been working on it a week or so. J.J’s very involved, despite the fact he’s got Star Wars. I believe a Director’s about to be announced very soon. Tom is very hands-on, as is Robert [Downey Jr.] in the Iron Man franchise, but in a very different way, as you would expect as per their personalities.

There’s nothing really to talk about yet, but it’s interesting when you look back at the other four movies because there’s a fairly intimidating roster of talent- from De Palma, [Steve] Zallian… Robert Towne (Screenwriter of Chinatown) co-wrote the first film, and obviously J.J.  as well. I almost hadn’t considered the lineage when I took on the job.

I’ll hold my hands up and say that I was a little bit reticent to take [on] another sequel, because I’ve got a lot of my own original projects and I want to get them out there and kick in with directing, but the bare-faced truth of it is that I’m very much just starting out and this could all just disappear tomorrow, and I do need to get a couple of movies on the score sheet. The trouble with most things these days is that they’re just very unlikely to happen. So ‘Mission’ felt like a way of working on a franchise that I really love, plus also working on a movie that is virtually guaranteed a greenlight.

So are there any influences you’re looking to draw from to construct the story- the original TV show? Any novels? Films from the same genre? Is there anything at all you’re revisiting to prep yourself for writing?

We’re just getting into that [stage], so even telling you the movies that I want to start screening for the gang would be giving too much away.

I think my approach is actually kind of similar to Iron Man- what comes first is as true and genuine as possible an emotional journey for the central character. Everything else- the villain, the action sequences- has to come off of that. Like with Iron Man 3, what we tried to do with the villain was [to have him] reflect or antagonise the areas of emotional difficulty that Tony’s going through at that moment [in time].

It’s not that hard to keep secrets about Mission: Impossible 5 because I don’t have any yet!


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Enjoy these pics of Tom at Japanese TV show ‘News Zero’.

News Zero (Japan)- May 31st 2013


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Tetsuko’s Room (Japan)- May 30th 2013


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Tom and Connor attended an NHL playoff game between the San Jose Sharks and the Los Angeles Kings at Staples Center yesterday. Beckham family were with them.

San Jose Sharks v Los Angeles Kings- May 28th 2013


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New pics of Suri arriving in NYC HERE.

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Tom went to see Connor DJing at Hyde Sunset in Hollywood yesterday.

Tom Sees Connor Djing at Hyde Sunset- May 26th 2013


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Tom Cruise has exited as the lead in The Man From U.N.C.L.E., the remake of the classic TV series that Guy Ritchie will direct for Warner Bros. Cruise was scheduled to star in the film with Armie Hammer, but he has stepped out of the picture to focus on producing and starring in Mission: Impossible 5. Paramount and Skydance are now planning to begin shooting the latest installment of that franchise before year’s end. Warner Bros has a script they like, and a top director who’s expecting to direct U.N.C.L.E. in the fall. The timing proved too difficult and so Cruise stepped out to focus on M:I5.

While it might seem that Cruise could squeeze in the film before moving to M:I5, that’s not the way he has worked on the Paramount franchise. In the last film, Ghost Protocol, he was heavily involved in planning and performing death defying stunts that included running along the glass exterior of a skyscraper in Abu Dhabi, about 124 floors high. He’ll want to do something to top that, so while the script is being written by Drew Pearce for Cruise’s Jack Reacher helmer Christopher McQuarrie to direct, this is an accelerated process and it will become the focus of the rest of the year for Cruise. The actor remains on good terms with Warner Bros, recently completing the Doug Liman-directed science fiction film All You Need Is Kill, which will be released June 6, 2014.

Source:  Deadline Hollywood