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Here you have an spectacular pic of Tom that was taken on November 3rd when he was filming Misssion: Impossible 5 at RAF Wittering, in the UK. You can enjoy the HQ in the gallery. You can see him on top of the wind of the Airbus A400M in which he had been previously spotted filming stunts at 5,000 feet above the British countryside.

Thank you very much to Dave McCulley for the awesome photo.

Filming at RAF Wittering in UK- November 3rd 2014



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We’ve updated the gallery with behind scenes and promotional stills from various Tom’s movies. Enjoy them in the gallery.


Jerry Maguire Behind the Scenes



Vanilla Sky Promotional Stills



Oblivion Promotional Stills


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Scenes for Mission: Impossible 5 were filmed on the streets of London last night. Tom wasn’t there, but Rebecca Ferguson and Simon Pegg were spotted on set. It seems London will appear as Vienna in these scenes. You can visit our MI5 topic of the forum to see the pics.

FAMEFLYNET - GV: Scenes Being Filmed For Mission Impossible 5 In London

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Suri attended a birhtday party in Calabasas yesterday.

Suri Attends a Birthday Party in Calabasas- November 29th 2014



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A new pic of Tom on set of MI5 in London has been posted at Twitter by a lucky fan who had the chance to meet him.

On Set of MI5- November 2014


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Here you have a new pic of Tom on set of MI5 at Leavesden Studios in London with Christopher McQuarrie and Bryan Singer. The pic was posted by Bryan Singer at his Twitter next to the tweet ‘On set with good friends tomcruise and chrismcquarrie’. Thanks for the pic Bryan!

On Set of MI5 in London- November 18th 2014

tcf_setmi5londonnov1814-001 - copia

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Here you have pic of Tom at Southhampton, UK, where some scenes for MI5 will be filmed soon.

At Southampton- November 14th 2014


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20 years ago today, Interview With The Vampire was released.

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Tom was spotted leaving Wiltons restaurant in Mayfair, London on Wednesday. Enjoy HQ’s in the gallery.

Leaving Wiltons Restaurant in Mayfair (London)- November 5th 2014