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We’ve recently updated two of our more recent galleries with dozens and dozens of Exclusive HQ pics for our members enjoyment.  Take a look and ENJOY YOURSELF!!  {nl}The galleries updated are:{nl}{nl}Attending Cameron Diaz’s Hall Of Fame Ceremony- June 22nd 2009{nl}{nl}Watching The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series- June 21st 2009{nl}Also, keep your eyes open for extensive updates to other areas of the gallery, including old pictures from the 80’s and 90’s, Press Conferences for various films, Out and About pics, and many others.  {nl}We’ll keep you informed and we will be sure to post the links here as the galleries are updated!! 


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{nl}Cameron Diaz has nothing but love for her pal Tom Cruise.{nl}When the actress was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday, she says it “was great” to see Cruise and wife Katie Holmes gathered with the hundreds of fans to cheer her on.{nl}”I was really happy to see them,” Diaz told at the NYC premiere of My Sister’s Keeper Wednesday. “They were wonderful. It was fantastic. It was so lovely of them to come out and show support. My whole family was there and my friends were there. And I consider them that as well. So it was really wonderful to have them there.”{nl}Diaz, who starred with Cruise in 2001’s Vanilla Sky, told Us that she will once again appear on screen with the star.{nl}According to Variety, the pair have approved the script for Wichita (name will probably be changed), a flick about an undercover agent who meets a woman who’s had nothing but bad luck with men. {nl}The 36-year-old star told Us she can’t wait to start working with Cruise on the movie, which is set for a 2010 release.{nl}”Well, if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t be doing it,” she said. “I’m very, very excited about doing it. It’s an action film, so I’m really excited to work him.”{nl}Source:

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{nl}A few hours ago Tom and Kate attended the ceremony honoring Cameron Diaz with a star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame. Enjoy the pics in our gallery. We’ll be adding more later!Attending Cameron Diaz’s Hall Of Fame Ceremony- June 22nd 2009{nl}

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{nl}Here you have pics of Tom and Connor watching the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Toyota/Save Mart 350 at the Infineon Raceway yesterday in Sonoma, California.  The entire family was there to enjoy the race together to celebrate Father’s Day.{nl} {nl}Tom had this to say to the San Francisco Cronicle regarding the race:{nl} {nl}A CRUISE ON THE COURSE: Actor Tom Cruise, walking around the cars just before the race with wife Katie Holmes and 3-year-old daughter Suri, declined to give his pick for the race. Cruise, who played a racecar driver in the 1990 film “Days of Thunder,” told The Chronicle, “I predict I’m going to enjoy the race. Have a happy Father’s Day.”{nl}Watching The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series- June 21st 2009{nl}

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{nl}Enjoy these adorable HQ pics of Kate and Suri playing in the parking lot of CBS Studios on Friday.  Tons more are in the gallery!  Kate & Suri At CBS Studios- June 19th 2009{nl}

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HAPPY FATHER’S DAY TOM !!  {nl}The Administrators and members of FOREVER wish to take this opportunity to wish the wonderful Dad of Bella, Connor and Suri a very Happy Father’s Day and a year filled with joy!  {nl}

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Hollywood’s infatuation with the Hub is getting serious. Very serious.{nl}A slew of screen idols are about to descend on Boston to shoot new movies, including, we’re told, Tom Cruise. That’s right, the world’s most famous movie star is nearly certain to shoot his latest flick here starting in September.{nl}Called “Wichita,” ** the action comedy would be the biggest budget movie ever to film here, and Cruise and co-star Cameron Diaz could be hanging around the Hub for up to three months. The film, one of several high-profile projects Cruise has been considering, will be directed by James Mangold, whose credits include “Walk the Line” and “Girl, Interrupted.”.{nl}Not much is known about the script, which is being burnished now by Mangold and “Shutter Island” scribe Laeta Kalogridis, but Variety previously reported that the story centers on a single woman who meets a mysterious man on a blind date, and he turns out to be a handsome secret agent.{nl}Since the prospective blockbuster stars Cruise, it will, of course, have several high-octane action sequences, and we’re told producers have already approached city and state officials about securing permits to close select roads and bridges during shooting. We’re also told that a location scout has been in the city for a few weeks checking out various neighborhoods.{nl}{nl}Source:  Boston Globe{nl}**Please note:  The film will not be called “Witchita”.  Right now it is known as “The Unnamed Cruise/ Mangold Project” by the production company. 

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This is what Alec Baldwin had to say in a recent Playboy Magazine interview about Tom losing out on the Oscar for ‘Magnolia’.{nl}“I look at Tom Cruise, who made films that called for him to be young, fit and charming, and that appeal made him a star. When Tom wanted to give a real performance, he made Magnolia. It was like watching some alien that looked like Tom Cruise, because it was nothing you’d ever seen Tom do. That he was not given the Oscar that year for Magnolia was devastating to me.”{nl}Thank you Alec.  We agree with you wholeheartedly!  {nl}Source:

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We brought you this news several days ago and now it looks like Variety is catching up.    Also, please note that according to our very accurate sources, 2012 is a much more likely target date as well as Tom and JJ’s planned date for the film depending on the rewrites for Matarese and depending on who is hired to write M:I IV.  The James Mangold project will come first and Matarese will most likely be next.  {nl}  {nl}Mission: Impossible IV,” which once seemed truly impossible, is taking shape at Paramount. {nl}Tom Cruise and J.J. Abrams have agreed to co-produce the sequel, which is aimed at a 2011 release. {nl}The return of Cruise to Par itself is surprising in view of the circumstances surrounding his departure in August 2006. Apparently irked by the heft of Cruise’s deal, among other issues, Viacom chief Sumner Redstone abruptly terminated the 14-year relationship between the star and the studio. Cruise’s then-CAA agent, Rick Nacita, termed Redstone’s decision “shockingly offensive and graceless.” {nl}The rift led to Cruise becoming the chief of United Artists and taking a more active role in production decisions. Redstone, meanwhile, has sought to heal the relationship. At a recent appearance, he described the star as “a great actor and a good friend.” {nl}The “Mission” installment would augment Paramount’s formidable array of sequels, which will include “Star Trek 2” and a third “Transformers.” {nl}Work on “Mission: Impossible IV” would inevitably be delayed by the busy schedules of the participants. {nl}Abrams will be responsible for guiding the “Star Trek” sequel, while Cruise recently committed to an untitled pic (formerly called “Wichita”) for 20th Century Fox that will be directed by James Mangold and co-star Cameron Diaz. {nl}Cruise and Denzel Washington are also awaiting a rewrite on the David Cronenberg-directed “The Matarese Circle,” the MGM thriller based on the Robert Ludlum novel.{nl}Source:  Variety

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Also yesterday Kate was seen taking Suri to school. Enjoy the pics in our gallery.Kate & Suri Arriving At School- June 15th 2009