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{nl}Tom was spotted greeting fans after leaving an office yesterday in Seville.{nl}{nl}He kindly stopped and shook hands before getting in the car.{nl}{nl}Enjoy the video here!{nl}{nl}{nl}

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We’ve added more pics from the filming in Cadiz (11/28) and Tom’s visit to Pilatos House (11/28) to the gallery. Enjoy them HERE  and HERE.{nl}

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Tom is on the cover of todays (11/29) Spanish newspapers.  The article talks about filming yesterday in Cadiz.  Enjoy the scans in our gallery.El Mundo Newspaper (Spain)- November 29th 2009{nl}

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The gallery has been updated with awesome pics of Tom and Cameron filming a spectacular action scene today in Cadiz.Filming in Cadiz- November 28th 2009{nl}{nl}And earlier today Tom, Cameron and Director James Mangold visited Pilatos House, where they’ll be filming next week.  Enjoy the pics HERE.{nl}

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{nl} Tom left Salzburg this morning and arrived in Sevilla later today. We hope to add more pics soon.

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Enjoy these pics of Tom as he continues filming in Salzburg last night. {nl}Filming in Salzburg- November 25th 2009{nl}

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{nl} We’ve added new pics of Tom and Suri at Modern Pastry in Boston on November 7th. Enjoy it!Dinner at Modern Pastry in Boston- November 7th 2009You can also enjoy pics of Katie and Suri on the set on Long Island yesterday HERE.

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{nl}Enjoy these amazing videos where you can see the spectacular stunts Tom is doing these days in Salzburg for “Knight and Day”.

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{nl}Take a look at these pics of Tom filming a scene for “Knight and Day” in Salzburg last night.Filming in Salzburg- November 24th 2009

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{nl}Enjoy this video of Tom filming some action scenes in Salzburg.