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{nl}Here you have pics from different events Tom attended in the 80’s. They’re from premieres of The Breakfast Club and Beverly Hill Cop, from the Risky Business Screening in New York City and some candids of him attending the bachelor party of Sean Penn. Enjoy them!Thanks to our dear member Sylvia for some of the pics!Risky Business Screening- September 12nd 1983Beverly Hill Cop Premiere- December 1st 1984The Breakfast Club Premiere- February 7th 1985Sean Penn’s Bachelor Party- August 14th 1985


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{nl}We’ve added more pics of Tom, Kate and Suri visiting the backstage of Jersey Boys last Sunday and Tom and Connor attending Lakers game on May.Going To See Jersey Boys- July 5th 2009{nl}{nl}{nl}{nl}Los Angeles Lakers vs Denver Nuggets- May 21st 2009And we have more gallery updates. Enjoy pics of Tom in Beverly Hills on May 14th and pics of him arriving in Mexico with Connor in 2006  for the MI:3 premiere.In Beverly Hills- May 14th 2009Arriving In Mexico- May 1st 2006

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TOM CRUISE FOREVER IS GROWING BY LEAPS AND BOUNDS AND WE COULDN’T BE HAPPIER OR MORE PROUD !!  Our hits are increasing tremendously on a daily basis as is our membership.  The chat going on in our FORUM  is more fun and more interesting than ever, with large numbers of Tom fans from all over the world joining in the discussion about the wonderful Tom Cruise minus the gossip and nonsense you find at other sites !  This is truly an INTERNATIONAL SITE with fans from every corner of the globe !  Even if you don’t speak English, we have a section catering to different languages where fans can chat with those from their home country !{nl} {nl}Among the many new things happening at the ULTIMATE AND MOST EXTENSIVE TOM CRUISE SITE on the net are you can now follow us on TWITTER  and FACEBOOK as we continue to provide Tom’s fans with constant news, information, updates and pictures.  We’re totally dedicated to providing DAILY UPDATES and information on the Number one star on the planet and you won’t find another source on the net that updates as often as we do.  Nor will you find another site that consistently provides CORRECT INFORMATION without gossip and tabloid news.  {nl} {nl}In addition, we’re adding NEW AFFILIATES DAILY and very shortly, we’ll be premiering A NEW LAYOUT by the brilliant Karine that will knock your socks off and further incorporate all the our new additions !! {nl} {nl}We’ve also added a large KATIE HOLMES SECTION to our forum, where Katie fans can chat, post pictures, discuss Katie’s career and her wonderful fashion sense.  We post the latest pictures and information for Tom’s beautiful wife as well !!  Of course our site carries tons of information on TOM’S FAMILY as well !!{nl} {nl}Also, check out our EXTENSIVE GALLERY SECTION and MEDIA SECTION !!  Of course, we add new and updated pictures and media daily, but we are also adding VINTAGE PICS AND MEDIA that go back to the very start of Tom’s career and continue to the present.  We have UNIQUE video, programs, PR materials, scans and pics that are EXCLUSIVE and cannot be found anywhere else !  Our MOVIES SECTION contains everything from Mini Sites for individual films, up to the minute box office figures, downloadable scripts and awards information.  Our TOM INFO SECTION contains the most extensive and correct BIOGRAPHY on the internet, as well as quotes from and about Tom, PRESS HIGHLIGHTS and fan encounters.  {nl} {nl}We’d also like to take this opportunity to WELCOME OUR NEWEST ADMINISTRATOR, PILI !   She joins our  Administration Team of Karine, Olga, Kat, Angela, Marta and Tammi as the most dedicated Administrators and Tom fans on the internet.  Because we’re so diverse and come from so many different countries around the world, we are available to our members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week !{nl} {nl}JOIN THE HOTTEST, MOST EXTENSIVE, ULTIMATE TOM CRUISE SITE ON THE INTERNET AND SIT BACK AND ENJOY ALL WE HAVE TO OFFER !!   JUST CLICK ON THE RED LINKS ABOVE AND CHECK OUT THE BEST TOM CRUISE SITE ON THE INTERNET !!  {nl}{nl} {nl} 

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{nl}We’ve added tons of scans of Japanese movie programs from various Tom’s movies. You can find TOP GUN, COCKTAIL, THE COLOUR OF MONEY and RAIN MAN. Check it out!

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{nl}SEE HQ PICS ON THE FAMILY ARRIVING AT THE THEATER BELOW!  {nl}The Top Gun hero yesterday interrupted an exclusive Herald Sun photo shoot to ask the score in the AFL showdown between Geelong and St Kilda at Docklands. {nl}Cruise said he was blown away by the athleticism of the great Aussie game but didn’t say whether Eddie McGuire had swayed him to pledge his allegiance to Collingwood. {nl}The Cruise family attended Friday night’s Magpies-Bombers match at the MCG. {nl}The TomKat clan continued their tour of Melbourne yesterday taking in a matinee show of the award-winning musical Jersey Boys at the Princess Theatre. {nl}Cruise heaped praise on Melbourne, impressed by the city’s culture and its healthy appreciation of the arts. {nl}And he revealed he was a keen amateur photographer, asking Herald Sun snapper David Caird if he could use his camera to take a series of shots of his daughter Suri, 3. {nl}Speaking for the first time since arriving with his actor wife Katie Holmes, Cruise said Suri knew most of the words to the Frankie Valli songs in Jersey Boys. {nl}He said Valli’s music was constantly played on the family CD player at home in LA. {nl}The Cruises were guests yesterday of production composer Bob Gaudio, an old friend from the US. {nl}Cruise had seen the show several times in New York but was keen to see the local version of the Broadway smash, giving Suri the chance to sing along. {nl}”We noticed Tom and Katie were there just before the show started,” one punter said. {nl}”A buzz went through the theatre and everyone was whispering ‘Tom Cruise is upstairs’, and turning around to look at them. {nl}”They had Suri with them, she was very well-behaved through the show. {nl}”At one point when everyone was looking at them Tom stood up and waved at everyone, people were taking photos of them on their mobiles. {nl}”They had security with them but they certainly weren’t hiding away or wearing disguises or anything.” {nl}The Cruises and their entourage so far have visited the zoo, the aquarium, MCG, Myer city store and the Docklands film studios. The family are living in a full-floor penthouse at the top of the Crown Towers Hotel as guests of owner James Packer. {nl}Source:  Melbourne Herald Sun{nl} 

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{nl}Enjoy these HQ pics from today of Tom, Kate and Suri heading to the Princess Theatre in Melbourne to see Jersey Boys, a play about Frankie Valle and the Four Seasons which opened in Australia the night before.Going To See Jersey Boys- July 5th 2009{nl}

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Enjoy more pics of Tom and Kate at the AFL football game between Collingwood and Essendon in Melbourne in our gallery!Watching AFL Football Game- July 3rd 2009

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{nl}Here you have pics of Tom, Kate and Suri heading to the Melbourne Aquarium last Wednesday.Visiting Melbourne Aquarium- July 1st 2009

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{nl}{nl}Remember you still have time to send your birthday wishes to Tom!! Send yours HERE{nl}Here are all the messages we’ve been receiving, we’ll post yours as soon as you send it{nl}Karine (Brazil): HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR TOM!!! Wish you a wonderful day with your wonderful family and friends and all the happiness, health and love in the world!!! You gave us amazing movies that have entertained and inspired me for all life. LOVE YA SO MUCH!!{nl}Olga (Barcelona, Spain): A VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TOM!!! Hope you have a very special day with your family and friends. Wish you the best! God Bless You!{nl}Tammi (Boone North, Carolina – USA): HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TOM !! I hope it is a wonderful and fun filled day….Love ya !!{nl}Marta (Lisbon, Portugal): Happy Birthday,Tom! I wish you all the best our world can give you in happiness, peace, health and success in your professional and personal life.That this day can bring together the most important people in your life: your beautiful wife, children, friends and remaining family.And the day 3rd July can repeat itself for many years to come. Big kisses and hugs from a Portuguese fan that has been following your career for almost 18 years since the day I saw Top Gun on Tv and this amazing movie  became my all time Tom Cruise’s favorite movie.{nl}Pili (Barcelona, Spain): Happy Birthday, Tom!! I wish you have a very special day with your beautiful family and your friends. {nl}Martina (Germany): Happy Birthday, Tom !!!!!!!! I wish you all the very best, have a wonderful B-day and a good time in Australia, Essendon or wherever you are. I am looking forward to seeing your next film. ALL THE VERY BEST TO YOU AND YOUR ADORABLE FAMILY !!!!!!!{nl}Lorette (Toronto, Canada): HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM!!!! May you have a wonderful days filled with love, peace, joy,good health  and  happiness in  all the days of your life together with your loved ones.  Good luck and best wishes with your plans and your  dreams to be  fulfilled.{nl}Elaine (Washington, USA): Dear Tom, I’ve been a fan of yours ever since Risky Business. I’ve seen every movie, multiple times and I just want to wish you a wonderful birthday, Thanks for the many years of amazing entertainment. I can’t wait to see what’s next. Happy Birthday!!{nl}No

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{nl}Tom Cruise celebrated his 47th birthday at a packed MCG last night for the blockbuster showdown between Collingwood and Essendon. {nl}Cruise and his wife Katie Holmes arrived at the ground just before the bounce in a convoy with their good friend James Packer. {nl}Two cars drove into the MCG from Brunton Ave, and Cruise and Holmes were able to go to a private box unseen by the public. {nl}Source: Herald Sun