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Tom Cruise says that he couldn’t be happier being the father to three amazing children.{nl}According to Tom, having a family has always been a life long dream alongside his superstar acting career.{nl}He tells OK! magazine, “I love it. I love being a father. I always wanted to. As a kid, I couldn’t wait to grow up.”I remember being four years old – I always wanted to work and grow up. I always wanted to be a father.”I’ve enjoyed every part of it to all three of my kids. I feel lucky to have teenagers and to have a toddler, to have the journey of both happening at the same time. All my kids, I love them.”{nl}Source:  OK Magazine, Entertainmentwise

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Cruise’s Valkyrie, which opened Christmas Day, has taken in almost $62 million, far more than expected. Valkyrie depicts one of the handful of assassination attempts against Hitler, in July 1944, an episode widely familiar in Europe. But it was almost unknown in the USA, so the film is being touted as a Tom Cruise-American thriller

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{nl}Some quotes from Tom given during a  wonderful interview with The Hamptons Independent.  {nl}YOU CAN READ THE FULL INTERVIEW  HERE{nl}”I know there have been a few things written about this film before people even saw it,” Cruise chuckled during a recent press day in Manhattan. “So there’s a perception out there versus what we’ve done artistically. I’ve been through this many times before and certainly think the Internet has accelerated a lot of this kind of drama.”{nl}”This allowed us to put in so many intimate moments with Stauffenberg’s children, like when his daughter saluted him and his reaction when his son was indoctrinated into The Hitler Youth,” the current Golden Globe nominee (for Tropic Thunder) said. The 46-year-old actor admitted, however, “On a scale of one to 10, I think that this film rates a 20 in terms of being a challenge to make. This is a massive and comprehensive story that we could have made a five-hour, even a 10-hour mini-series, but Bryan was always very specific about what this film was going to be.””As fortunate as I’ve been in my professional life, my family, Katie and the kids have always been my priority. I feel fortunate that my family is healthy and happy. I love being a father. As a kid, maybe four or five, I couldn’t wait to grow up and be a father. All of my kids. . . I’ve enjoyed every part of it.”Source:  Winnie Bonnelli, The Independent

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Lovely pics of Tom & Kate leaving Nobu Restaurant after enjoying a nice dinner together have been added to our gallery.  They look great!{nl}Leaving Nobu Restaurant – January 5th 2008{nl}

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Large, gorgeous scans of LA Weekly covering Tom and Valkyrie director Bryan Singer have been added to our gallery. Enjoy them!{nl}LA Weekly – January 2009{nl}

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{nl}Tom Cruise:{nl}”I read the script and thought this is an incredible suspense thriller. I put it down and said ‘is this really true? Did this really happen?’ I found out that, actually, these events and certain parts of the film where you think it’s going to be a movie ‘convention,’ they actually occurred,” he says. “When Claus Von Stauffenberg goes to meet Hitler at the Berghof the day after D-Day to get Hitler to sign the Valkyrie order I thought ‘well, that’s a cool moment, but it has to be a movie convention.’ When you look at it these events actually occurred. That is exactly what he did. The meeting where Hitler comes and touches his arm and looks at him …it’s documented that that actually occurred.”{nl}READ THE FULL INTERVIEW AND BRYAN AND KENNETH’S STATEMENTS HERE{nl}SOURCE:  Alan Silverman, Voice of America{nl} 

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SUPERSTAR Tom Cruise has won the biggest gamble of his career after Valkyrie won over film fans in the US. {nl}Many critics predicted his role as Prussian Colonel Claus Von Stauffenberg would send his faltering career into a tailspin. {nl}But instead of the movie being a flop at the box office, it has taken more than 60 million (US) since opening on Christmas Day in the States. {nl}Links to Scientology, erratic chat show interviews and a lack of blockbusters had Hollywood insiders writing Cruise off. {nl}But Paul Dergarabedian, of box office analysts Media By Numbers, said: “This robs nay-sayers of their ability to deem it a flop – it’s not. {nl}”It shows Tom’s renewed star power.” {nl}The actor promoted the film hard, urging fans to: “Go kill Hitler for Christmas.” {nl}The movie even won praise in Germany where many predicted it would be savaged by critics. {nl}TV channel ZDF said: “Valkyrie is a well-made and serious film. Cruise plays his part decisively, coolly – a solid performance.” {nl}Source:  UK Sunday Mail

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Valkyrie, starring Tom Cruise, Kenneth Branagh, Bill Nighy, Terence Stamp, Tom Wilkinson, Jamie Parker, and Eddie Izzard, Thomas Kretschmann, Carice van Houten, Christian Berkel directed by Bryan Singer, co-written by Christopher McQuarrie and Nathan Alexander.{nl}Both director Bryan Singer and star Tom Cruise have described Valkyrie as an adventure thriller. Maybe that’s what they had in mind — which is understandable since Cruise has established himself as an actor who can drive such films — but they should have pushed the notion aside. Maybe Singer can’t help but make a film full of elaborately uniformed heroes and villains; after all he effectively launched the X-Men franchise and re-imagined Superman (albeit in the none-too-successful Superman Returns).{nl}With reasonable diligence and relative accuracy, Valkyrie tells the intricate story of Colonel Claus Philipp Maria Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg, who attempts to assassinate Adolf Hitler and, with his band of co-conspirators, take over the crumbling Third Reich before the Allies force an unconditional surrender on his homeland. Stauffenberg was an aristocrat, an active soldier, and an unrepentant nationalist who believed in the greater glory of the German people. {nl}READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE{nl}Source:  Brad Balfour, The Huffington Post

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The final box office numbers are in for Valkyrie for the week ending Sunday, January 4th.  After 11 days in release, Valkyrie has earned a cume of 60.7 million dollars.  The 3 day weekend ending on the 4th added a total of 14 million dollars to the cume with only a 33% drop in the box office.  Excellent numbers that remain way above expectations!{nl}Congratulations to Tom, the cast and everyone at MGM and UA!{nl} 

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Terrific HQ pictures of Tom leaving his NYC apartment on Saturday have been added to our gallery.  Enjoy them!{nl}Leaving Apartment- January 3rd 2009{nl}