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Here you have pics of Tom leaving the 7th Annual Living Legends of Aviation Awards on Friday where he received the “Top Aviation Inspiration and Patriotism Award.” Leaving The 7th Annual Living Legends of Aviation Awards- January 22nd 2010{nl}{nl}

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We’ve added pics of the filming of “Knight and Day” at Pilatos House in Sevilla on December 3rd. Enjoy them in the gallery!Filming at Pilatos House (Sevilla)- December 3rd 2009{nl}{nl}

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The gifts come as the star roster for Friday’s multi-network Hope for Haiti telethon, organized and to be co-hosted by Clooney and Wyclef Jean, continues to expand. Among those set to perform now include Christina Aguilera, Bono, Alicia Keys, Sting and Justin Timberlake. Tom Cruise and Julia Roberts have already been announced as answering the phones during the telethon.The special will air live from Los Angeles and New York at 8 p.m. ET on MTV, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, BET, The CW and HBO, among other networks. Donations will benefit Haiti relief efforts by the Red Cross, UNICEF, the Yele Haiti Foundation, Oxfam America and Partners in Health and be divided evenly among the groups. {nl}Source: People

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{nl}{nl}8:17 pm: {nl}Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes made the biggest entrance. The couple held court by the front door, unable to make much headway as everyone wanted to greet them. Holmes wore a simple black knit dress that made a simple statement all its own. “I found this at a store in NY called The Yell; I’m not even sure who made it,” she said. Cruise channeled his Top Gun persona in a leather motorcycle jacket and updated Sofia Coppola on the goings on in his life. We couldn’t help but ask about his stylish daughter. “We’re happy to have Suri upstage us if she wants,” said a jovial Cruise. “And if she wants to be in movies one day, that’s her choice too!” 9:05 p.m.:{nl} Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes miraculously make it past the now-closed door, and the room immediately collapses in on them as every fan and “industry” member present asks for a photo. They refuse no one. (Chris Klein, who is wandering through the party alone, does not approach them.) Holmes holes up in a corner and proceeds to have a lengthy, animated chat with Glee’s Dianna Agron, who earlier had said, “Celebrity parties are seriously fun, but I don’t know how used to them I’m getting. There are some very important people in this room and I’m a very small fish in this pond.” Cruise later joins.10:25 p.m.:{nl} TomKat makes their way out of the party, but not before being stopped by a very enthusiastic Ben Stiller. Cruise and Holmes look genuinely interested in what Stiller has to say.{nl}Source:  New York Magazine{nl} 

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We’ve added terrific HQ pics of Tom & Kate at Golden Globes pre-party Friday night that we mentioned in the article below!!  Enjoy them!!{nl}Golden Globes Pre-Party – January 15th 2010{nl}

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{nl}Tom and Katie made an appearance at the hottest Pre-Golden Globe party in Los Angeles Friday Night at the Chateau Marmont Hotel.  The smokin’ hot party was given by The New York Times Style Magazine and Tom and Katie had a chance to catch up with friends.  {nl}New York Times Style Editor, Nola Weinstein, had this to say about Tom and Katie in her blog:{nl}”Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes made an entrance, just moments after Holmes’ fianc

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Last summer, news started to percolate about the IMF returning to the big screen in “Mission: Impossible IV.” In the months that followed, more news trickled out. The biggest break was word that “M:I III” writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman would be replaced by “Alias” writer/producers Andre Nemec and Josh Applebaum. A big question still remained however: would star Tom Cruise be back for a fourth helping?{nl}MTV’s Josh Horowitz asked producer and “M:I III” director JJ Abrams that very question on the National Board of Review red carpet two nights ago.{nl}”The goal would be for that to occur,” Abrams said, skirting around actually mentioning anyone or anything by name. So Josh pressed him a little.{nl}”If I say the words though– I’ve seen what you do,” the “Star Trek” director said with a smile. “You warp and twist, you make me say things that just break me down.” Turning serious again, Abrams acquiesced. “The goal would be for Tom [Cruise] to be in the film.”{nl}What he wouldn’t say anything about was the story, other than admitting that there is one. “A script is being written,” Abrams said. “There’s an insanely long outline, it is probably longer than the script. It’s going great… we’re very excited and we’re looking to make that movie.”{nl}Source:  Adam Rosenberg, MTV

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Enjoy tons of new pics we’ve added to these existing galleries.Sevilla FC vs Glasgow Rangers Game in Sevilla- December 9th 2009{nl}{nl}Riding His Ducati in LA- December 21st 2009{nl}

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{nl}The 7th Annual Living Legends of Aviation Awards, presented by Learjet, are taking flight on January 22nd at the Beverly Hilton. John Travolta, the official Ambassador of Aviation, will present Tom Cruise with the “Top Aviation Inspiration and Patriotism Award.” Tom Cruise’s passion for aviation started at a young age. Growing up in modest economic conditions, Cruise’s family moved frequently but once young Tom hung his P-51 Mustang photo in his bedroom, he felt at home. Not surprisingly, he now owns a P-51 Mustang and other aircraft and is an accomplished aerobatic pilot. Top Gun, the highest grossing aviation movie of all time, has inspired generations of young pilots and patriotism in many Americans. Cruise’s flying machines and commitment to aviation define his passion for flight.{nl}CONGRATULATIONS ON THIS HONOR TOM!!  IT’S VERY RICHLY DESERVED!!

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{nl}Enjoy more pics of Tom riding his Ducati yesterday in our gallery!Riding His Ducati in LA- January 9th 2010