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Here you have some lovely pics of Kate & Suri going shopping at American Girl store yesterday.{nl}Kate & Suri at American Girl Store – April 1st 2009{nl}


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We’ve added some lovely pics of Kate & Suri in Los Feliz (Los Angeles) last Sunday.{nl}Kate & Suri in Los Feliz (LA) – March 31st 2009{nl}

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According to Entertainment Weekly, Tom is no longer considering ‘The 28th Ammendment’ as his next film.  Of course he still has a number of excellent films that he is choosing from!  We can’t wait to see what wonderful film he will choose to excite us next!!{nl}”Well, we can take one film off of Tom Cruise’s very long What Movie I Might Do Next list. The actor has bowed out of the Warner Bros. drama The 28th Amendment, to be directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck (The Lives of Others). In fact, Cruise was never officially attached to the film from Star Trek screenwriters Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. Evidently, his “discussions” were literally just discussions.{nl}So the actor, who surprised with last year’s successful Valkyrie, is still deciding on his next starring vehicle. Sources say the two most likely projects are the MGM-produced Matarese Circle with Denzel Washington and director David Cronenberg, or Spyglass’ remake of The Tourist, scripted by Valkyrie writer Christopher McQuarrie, in which Cruise would star opposite Charlize Theron. He is also attached to DreamWorks’ Motorcade, with Len Wiseman directing. Sources have said that Cruise bowed out of this project, too, but DreamWorks confirmed Tuesday that it’s still on and in early script stages with writer Billy Ray (State of Play). The two Fox projects Cruise has attached his name to are also still developing. Wichita, opposite Cameron Diaz, is being rewritten by Scott Frank (The Lookout), and the studio just hired Ed Solomon to rewrite Hardy Men, in which Cruise would possibly star opposite Ben Stiller. “{nl}Source:  Entertainment Weekly

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{nl}{nl}As you know from the gallery pics posted just below, Tom and Katie attended the gala celebrating of the opening of the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts on Saturday along with friends Steven Spielberg and George Lucas.  USC’s Dean, Elizabeth M. Daley is also pictured.  Tom and Katie were able to tour the first two buildings of what is planned to be a $175 million all-digital complex, slated to be finished by August 2010.{nl}Photographs Courtesy of Steve Cohn Photography and Variety.

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Here you have some pics of Tom attending the commemoration of USC’s 80th anniversary last Saturday.USC’s 80th Anniversary- March 28th 2009{nl}{nl}

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Kate and Suri were seen leaving Le Pain Quotidien restaurant yesterday. Enjoy the pics in our gallery.Leaving Le Pain Quotidien Restaurant- March 29th 2009{nl}{nl}

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We’ve added some lovely pics of Kate, Suri and Isabella visiting the Los Angeles County Museum of Art yesterday afternoon. Enjoy them!{nl}Visiting Los Angeles County Museum of Art – March 28th 2009{nl}

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{nl}Actor Bill Hader who was Les Grossman’s long suffering assistant in ‘Tropic Thunder’ was recently interviewed by Peter Travers of Rolling Stone about a new project.  About halfway through the video he talks about how much he enjoyed working with Tom!  Doesn’t everyone!!  You can check out the video at the link below.{nl}Video: Bill Hader on Tom{nl} 

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Since it’s a bit quiet on the Tom front right now, we thought you would enjoy this video from Tom’s January 23rd interview with GMTV in the UK. Tom and Bryan Singer chat about Valkyrie and Tom also talks a bit about Suri and Kate. Enjoy it!

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James Mangold is attached to direct the untitled romantic comedy formerly known as “Wichita” and “Trouble Man” at 20th Century Fox. It’s eyed as a potential pairing of Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. Scott Frank is working on a rewrite. Mangold’s Tree Line Films partner Cathy Konrad joins as producer with Joe Roth, Steve Pink and Todd Garner. Story revolves around a woman who has terrible luck with men but finds her path intertwined with that of a mysterious handsome man she meets on a blind date. The studio has been sweet on the two-hander for some time. Chris Tucker and Eva Mendes were attached last year along with director Tom Dey, but that incarnation fizzled. The script was originated by Patrick O’Neill, and prior drafts have been done by Frank and Dana Fox, who wrote the Diaz starrer “What Happens in Vegas” for Fox. Mangold last directed “Walk the Line” and “3:10 to Yuma.” Neither Cruise nor Diaz is formally attached, but the project is one of several films at various studios that Cruise is considering for his next star vehicle. Diaz just became attached to “Swingles,” a romantic comedy at Paramount. Cruise and Diaz appeared together in 2001’s “Vanilla Sky.” {nl}Source: Variety