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{nl}As many of Tom’s fans know, his birthday is coming up this Friday, July 3rd. We here at FOREVER would like to use this opportunity to have his fans send him their birthday wishes, love and also pay homage to the greatest actor ever on his special day. We know many of Tom’s loyal fans will enjoy sending their wishes. We will post the messages and also make sure the birthday greetings are forwarded to his office. Send your wishes  HERE and please include your name and your location. Hurry now !! We don’t have much time !! We’re looking forward to receiving your messages and wishes for Tom’s birthday !


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{nl}We’ve updated our gallery with some pics from the 80’s. You can enjoy pics of Tom at the American Museum Of Moving Images Tribute to Elia Kazan in 1987 and some more of him attending the wedding of Madonna and Sean Penn in 1985.Tribute To Elia Kazan- January 19th 1987Madonna And Sean Penn Wedding- August 16th 1985

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{nl}Tom, Kate and Suri visited the Melbourne Aquarium on Wednesday, July 1st.{nl}Keeping checking out the site!  We hope to add more pics later.{nl}{nl}Source: Heraldsun

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{nl}We’ve added a lot of new pics to our gallery of Tom, Kate and Suri’s arrival this past Monday in Melbourne. Enjoy them!Arriving In Melbourne- June 29th 2009{nl}

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While we await new pics of The Cruise Family in Melbourne, we’ve updated our Media Section with some Vintage Video’s of Tom that we think you’ll all enjoy!  There’s also a newer one of Tom doing an interview in Rio during the promotion of Valkyrie.  {nl}Take a look around our extensive Media Section where you’ll find all kind of goodies!!  {nl}Here are the Video’s.  Have fun!!{nl}Extensive Interview in Rio During Valkyrie Promotion{nl}Tom and Dustin Hoffman at the 1989 Oscars{nl}Very Vintage Interview with Rona Barrett for Risky Business{nl}Vintage Tom Interview for Top Gun{nl} 

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{nl}Enjoy these first pics of Tom, Kate and Suri arriving in Melbourne.  More to follow as soon as they become available!  {nl}

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{nl}As soon as they become available, we’ll be bringing you pics of the family in Melbourne!!   Stay tuned!!{nl}{nl}{nl}{nl}Hollywood superstars Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have arrived in Melbourne with their daughter Suri in preparation for filming of Holmes’ new horror flick at Docklands.{nl}The couple’s private jet was taken into an executive hanger at Essendon Airport a short time ago.{nl}The star couple disembarked, with Cruise carrying three-year-old Suri.{nl}The celebrity family were whisked from the airport in a two-car convoy, with a white Audi four-wheel-drive carrying them and a black Audi sedan as escort.{nl}Source:  The Age{nl} 

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We’ve recently updated two of our more recent galleries with dozens and dozens of Exclusive HQ pics for our members enjoyment.  Take a look and ENJOY YOURSELF!!  {nl}The galleries updated are:{nl}{nl}Attending Cameron Diaz’s Hall Of Fame Ceremony- June 22nd 2009{nl}{nl}Watching The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series- June 21st 2009{nl}Also, keep your eyes open for extensive updates to other areas of the gallery, including old pictures from the 80’s and 90’s, Press Conferences for various films, Out and About pics, and many others.  {nl}We’ll keep you informed and we will be sure to post the links here as the galleries are updated!! 

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{nl}Cameron Diaz has nothing but love for her pal Tom Cruise.{nl}When the actress was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday, she says it “was great” to see Cruise and wife Katie Holmes gathered with the hundreds of fans to cheer her on.{nl}”I was really happy to see them,” Diaz told at the NYC premiere of My Sister’s Keeper Wednesday. “They were wonderful. It was fantastic. It was so lovely of them to come out and show support. My whole family was there and my friends were there. And I consider them that as well. So it was really wonderful to have them there.”{nl}Diaz, who starred with Cruise in 2001’s Vanilla Sky, told Us that she will once again appear on screen with the star.{nl}According to Variety, the pair have approved the script for Wichita (name will probably be changed), a flick about an undercover agent who meets a woman who’s had nothing but bad luck with men. {nl}The 36-year-old star told Us she can’t wait to start working with Cruise on the movie, which is set for a 2010 release.{nl}”Well, if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t be doing it,” she said. “I’m very, very excited about doing it. It’s an action film, so I’m really excited to work him.”{nl}Source:

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{nl}A few hours ago Tom and Kate attended the ceremony honoring Cameron Diaz with a star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame. Enjoy the pics in our gallery. We’ll be adding more later!Attending Cameron Diaz’s Hall Of Fame Ceremony- June 22nd 2009{nl}