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{nl}Hollywood honeys Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes continued their quest to charm Bostonians one handshake or photo at a time this weekend when they dropped into Bricco in the North End for dinner.{nl}The toothsome Tinseltown twosome, who are in town whilst Tom films “The Untitled Wichita Project” with Cameron Diaz, dined upstairs at Bricco and seemed to particularly enjoy a special order that pasta chef Johnny Caruso sent out to them, according to North Ender Jerry Maffeo .{nl}“They really loved it,” Jerry told the Track . “Then, when they came downstairs, they took pictures with the staff and they shook hands with everybody. He even called all the chefs out of the kitchen and took pictures with them, too.”{nl}Which, once again, proves the Track’s theory that the bigger they are, the nicer they are . . .{nl}“And then Tom shook hands with everybody outside on the sidewalk,” said the star-struck Maffeo. He was so nice. Honest to God, you don’t see celebrities like that. And her? What an elegant, elegant woman!”{nl}Source:  Boston Herald


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Tom, Katie, Suri, Connor, Tom’s sister Cass and a few employees spent a lovely Sunday afternoon strolling Boston.  They stopped at Charley’s Eating and Drinking Saloon on Newbury Street for lunch and then visited the Nike store for some sports equipment and clothing.  Connor is on a break from filming Red Dawn in the Detroit area.  {nl}Strolling in Boston- October 4th 2009{nl}Later Tom, Katie and Connor went out for a jog. Enjoy the pics HERE.{nl}

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{nl}Enjoy these pics of Tom doing his own stunts, one of which involved jumping from one moving car to another.  These were taken near the seaport in Boston.Filming in Boston- October 2nd 2009{nl}Later Kate and Suri visited him on the set. Enjoy the pics HERE.{nl}

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Enjoy these amazing pics of Tom filming more action scenes for his new film in Boston yesterday.Filming in Boston- October 1st 2009{nl}

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Thanks to now you can!!  Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?{nl}DINING CRUISESTom Cruise is becoming a regular at Abe & Louie’s. The A-list actor was in with wife Katie Holmes and daughter Suri for the seventh time the other night. (Cruise had the bone-in-filet mignon, Holmes had the pasta with vegetables, and Suri supped on spaghetti bolognese.) The famous family sat in the front of the restaurant, and managed to avoid the paparazzi when they left.{nl}Source:

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Katie and Suri were spotted today dropping by the Yawkey Center for Children and Learning at the Boston Children’s Museum.  Enjoy the pics!{nl}Kate & Suri Out and About in Boston- October 1st 2009{nl}

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{nl}{nl}Enjoy pics of Tom on the set today in our gallery. You can also see pics of Kate and Suri on their way to the set to visit him HERE.Filming in Boston- September 30th 2009{nl}

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Check out this video of Tom rehearsing a scene where he needs to shoot a gun on the set of “The Wichita Project”. Enjoy!! {nl}{nl}

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Katie and Suri are back in Boston!  We’ve got excellent pics, taken this afternoon, of Tom’s two girls.  They went shopping at DeLuca’s Market and Crate and Barrel and also stopped to play in a park near the Charles River.  Kate & Suri Strolling in Boston- September 29th 2009{nl}

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Enjoy these behind the scenes pics of Tom on the set of “The Wichita Project” in South Boston today!{nl}Filming in Boston – September 29th 2009{nl}