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{nl}It looks like Tom may be giving good friend Jay Leno a boost with his new show next month by appearing in one of the early segments!  Jay is starting a new, completely revamped show that will air every night from 10 to 11 PM on NBC beginning in early September.  The Jay Leno crew has been busy building a track where celebrities can race “green cars”, he told ‘The Television Critics Association’ yesterday.  He also indicated that Tom will be there to get in on the race.  Everyone better step aside if Tom is on the track!!{nl} “A race track is being built near NBC’s Burbank studio for a regular “green car challenge” that will allow celebrities to race electric vehicles, said Leno, an automotive buff with an extensive collection. Other stunts may await guests called on to do more than talk.{nl}Racing fan Tom Cruise called to ask if they’d have a chance to practice — and was told no, Leno said.{nl}The show itself will be fast-moving and will make sure there are laughs heading into the local news on NBC stations. They count on a strong lead-in to sustain their lucrative newscasts.”{nl}Source:   Daily Herald reporting an Associated Press story{nl} 


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We’ve updated the gallery with tons of scans. They are from Premiere magazine 1990, KinoHit, TV Spielfilm, Bravo, various magazines about Born on the Fourth of July and others. Enjoy them!

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Despite flirting with ‘The Tourist’ and working on re-writes for a number of months, Tom has dropped out of the Bharat Nalluri/Spyglass/Studio Canal project.  {nl}As many of Tom’s fans already know, Tom is extremely careful when picking a project.  Despite what some sources are saying, it was Tom’s choice to walk away when he realized the project was not right for him.  Anyone saying otherwise is simply not telling the truth, but rather just attempting to garner headlines.  What else is new? {nl}The ‘James Mangold Project’ with Cameron Diaz, formerly titled ‘Wichita’ is still very much on Tom’s radar and will probably be his next project, although as many fans already know, Tom does NOT sign a contract until every detail of a project is in place.{nl}Source:  Private, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter 

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{nl}TOM CRUISELestat de Lioncourt in Interview with the Vampire (1994){nl}If we ever had an occasion to publish the sentence ”Tom Cruise is endlessly sexy in this movie,” this would be it. Lestat is a proper vampire who actually drinks human blood. Edward Cullen, take note.{nl}Source: EW

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{nl}{nl}We have 170 screencaps of Tom’s dance casting for Tropic Thunder in our gallery. Enjoy them!Tropic Thunder Dance Casting Screencaps{nl}Thanks to our dear member Sylvia!

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{nl}In a recent interview with Movieline Magazine, Judd Apatow talks about meeting with Tom and the possibility of working with him.{nl}”I had a meeting with Tom Cruise, because I think he’s just unbelievable, and I’ve been a fan since the very beginning. And one of the great parts of this business is that when you’re in between projects and trying to figure out what you’re going to do next, you meet with people that you hope one day to collaborate with, and see if anything bubbles up.”{nl}So what do you think?  Join our forum and discuss it HERE.{nl}Source:  Movieline

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{nl}We’ve updated the gallery with the scans of old special magazine Roadshow dedicated to Tom. Check it out!Roadshow Special  Magazine

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{nl}We’ve added some lovely pics of Suri and Katie on the set in Australia today.  Enjoy them!!  Kate & Suri on the Set in Australia- July 30th 2009{nl}

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{nl}There was no sign of her father Tom Cruise in Melbourne this week but Katie Holmes and her 3-year-old daughter looked to be having tremendous fun playing chasings in the frontyard of an old convent, a film set being used for Holmes’ upcoming film Don’t Be Afraid of The Dark.{nl}A beaming Suri and her mum made the most of the winter sunshine as they ran through leaves on the Mount Macedon film set outside Melbourne.{nl}The tot has been a constant on set as her mum and Guy Pearce film in and around Melbourne.{nl}Her father is due back in the country as early as this weekend.{nl}Source:  Perth Now{nl}SEE GALLERY LINK BELOW FOR TONS OF HQ PICS OF SURI PLAYING IN AUSTRALIA! 

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Break open your piggy banks everyone!  Now you too can shower where Tom showered!!  {nl}Tom Cruise’s futuristic shower from the film Minority Report is up for auction.{nl}The item is just one of the many parts of Hollywood history going up for auction after LA-based 20th Century Props, which offers a massive inventory of items for use in film and television productions, went bust.{nl}Owner Harvey Schwartz said he ran out of money three months ago and had no choice but to auction off the items.{nl}Source:  Mirror Co. UK{nl}If you’re interested in the auction which includes additional props from Vanilla Sky as well as M:I:3, you can check it out HERE.  {nl}(Thanx to MindyG){nl}