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We’ve just added some lovely pics to our gallery of Tom & Katie enjoying a Halloween jog in chilly Boston yesterday.  Both are in amazing shape!!  Enjoy!!{nl}Tom & Kate Jogging in Boston – October 31st 2009{nl}

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{nl}He had them at “hello.” {nl}Michelle Melanson Conroy and Berta Reddy, two employees of the city-run Brooksby Farm, were still buzzing yesterday about their encounter Sunday with Tom Cruise. The A-list movie star stopped by the farm with his famous wife, Katie Holmes, and daughter, Suri. {nl}”I walked in, and there he was at the register,” Conroy said. {nl}The surprise cameo came around 3 p.m. The Cruise family shopped in the farm store, perused the pumpkin patch and, at Conroy’s suggestion, hopped on a hayride. {nl}”He was so nice,” Conroy said. “He smiled the entire time. He was just wicked friendly.” {nl}The visit lasted about an hour. Two bodyguards accompanied the family. {nl}”He fit right into the crowd until people started noticing him,” Reddy said. Then out came the cell phone cameras. {nl}Cruise bought four bags of apples, maple syrup, pancake mix, fudge, cider and doughnuts, Conroy said. Before he left, he paused to sign a few autographs and pose for pictures.{nl}One of those pictures, laminated and proudly displayed on the farm store’s front door yesterday, was of Cruise with Conroy on one arm and Reddy on the other. {nl}”He’s just as handsome in person as he is (in the movies)” Reddy said. She loved him in “Risky Business” and “Top Gun.” Conroy is partial to “Jerry Maguire” and “Tropic Thunder.”{nl}Cruise is in the Boston area filming a movie. No one could say how he heard about Brooksby Farm. But farm manager Patrick Kriksceonaitis had a theory: {nl}”Our apples are known around the world.”{nl}Source:  Salem News{nl}DON’T FORGET TO CHECK OUT THE WONDERFUL PICS IN OUR GALLERY OF THE FAMILY VISITING BROOKSBY FARMS  {nl}Visiting Brooksby Farm in Boston- October 25th 2009{nl}{nl}

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We’ve added tons of more adorable pics of Suri with her beautiful Princess costume last Monday. Enjoy them in the gallery.Kate & Suri Shopping in Boston- October 26th 2009And you can also enjoy pics of Tom with Katie on the set later in the day HERE.{nl}{nl}

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{nl}In 2006, J.J. Abrams was largely known as a TV guy, one of the creative minds behind fare like “Lost” and “Alias.” Then came a turn in the directing chair for “Mission: Impossible III,” when he popped off explosions galore around Tom Cruise, and Abrams’ career was never the same. Rebooted “Star Trek,” anyone? Now, a fourth “Mission” is in the works. Will Abrams step back into the role that brought him from small-screen whiz kid to big-screen guru? That seems unlikely, as Abrams made clear in an interview with MTV News. “I’m producing with Tom,” he said recently. “My guess is, given other things, that I will not be directing the movie.” So it seems a new director will have to step up

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{nl}Katie and Suri went shopping in Boston yesterday. Enjoy the pics HERE. You can also see pics in our gallery of Suri with her  lovely Princess costume and visiting Tom on the set later in the day. Enjoy them  HERE.{nl}

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{nl}Enjoy these lovely pics of Tom and Katie helping Suri pick out her Halloween pumpkin at Brooksby Farm in Massachusetts today. You can see them in our gallery!Visiting Brooksby Farm in Boston- October 25th 2009{nl}

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Enjoy these HQ pics of Katie and Suri visiting Tom on the set  in Boston yesterday.  They’re in our gallery for all to see!On the Set in Boston- October 24th 2009{nl}

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We’ve updated the gallery with some awesome pics from 2001 of Tom leaving a cinema after watching Shrek with Isabella and Connor.Leaving Cinema After Watching Shrek- April 24th 2001And from 2002 at a birthday party with family, friends and Penelope Cruz.Birthday Party- November 18th 2002{nl}{nl}

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We’ve added some stunning pics from various old photoshoots. Check them out HERE.

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{nl} Hollywood giants Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz are set to stir things up in the historic city of Cadiz next month. The glamorous pair are scheduled to film a number of scenes in the old quarter as part of the forthcoming movie, Knight and Day