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{nl}In December of 2008, shortly after receiving a Golden Globe nomination for his turn as hirsute studio chief Les Grossman in “Tropic Thunder,” Tom Cruise revealed that he and the film’s writer/director/star Ben Stiller were kicking around ideas to do another project with the Grossman character.{nl}”Ben and I are always talking about what we can do with Les,” Cruise told MTV News at the time. “Do we do some viral video with Les?”{nl}We haven’t heard any movement on this possibility, so when we had a chance to speak with Stiller while he was promoting his upcoming indie, “Greenberg,” we put the question to him. Anything shaking with the Grossman project?{nl}”We’re playing around with ideas for a Les Grossman something,” Stiller said. “Maybe a movie, maybe some Internet stuff. I love that character and Tom, I think, is just insanely funny doing that guy. And I think he’s game for it too.”{nl}Is this just idle talk from Stiller? Or have their ideas for Grossman morphed from a few Internet shorts to an actual theatrical spin-off? We’ll remain cautiously optimistic and simply be happy knowing that Stiller and Cruise are still keeping alive the idea of resurrecting the classically pompous and foul-mouthed Grossman character a year and a half after “Tropic Thunder” opened.{nl}Source:  MTV

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The Night Before Party is one of the starriest events of Oscar week, but it’s already too late to get tickets for Saturday’s Beverly Hills Hotel benefit soiree, which has sold out, according to Motion Picture and Television fund CEO Ken Scherer.Hosted by MPTF chair Jeffrey Katzenberg, the event serves as the largest fund-raiser for the MPTF, and is expected to raise upwards of $5 million dollars.”It sets the tone for the year’s fund-raising,” said Scherer. “It’s a way to engage young Hollywood, and have them be more aware of the fund.”The party is planned for the covered pool area, but can be moved inside if it’s as rainy as it was in 2008. “We have a backup plan if need be,” says Scherer.Confirmed guests include host committee members such as Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, George Clooney and Sean Penn, as well as Oscar nominees Colin Firth, Morgan Freeman, Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep and Sandra Bullock, who is both a nominee and a host.Michael Mina is the featured chef for the event. Presenting sponsors Hewlett Packard, Target and L’Oreal have a range of thank you gifts planned for guests: products from L’Oreal, Lancome and Kiehl’s as well as Target guest designer Zac Posen’s bowties and cummerbunds for the gents and dresses, bodysuits and scarves for the ladies. Variety is also a sponsor of the event, which helps the MPTF provide programs and services for 60,000 industry members each year. {nl}Source:  Variety

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We’ve added some really cute pics of Bella and Connor when they were really young to our gallery. Check it out!Bella and Conor Old PicsThanks to our dear member Joanafan!

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Colin recently spoke to Cindy Adams fom the New York Post and had this to say about our dear Tom, his ‘Minority Report’ co-star:{nl}”First day of shooting, when we were doing ‘Minority Report,’ I got so nervous. I was dying of nerves. But, then, you meet and talk to him and realize he’s just a normal guy living in ridiculous circumstances. OK, he doesn’t worry about mortgages and ‘Can I pay for a new car?,’ but he has the same natural concerns normal people have and he hurts in the same way. I mean, Tom Cruise is a really good bloke.” {nl} {nl}Thanks Colin!

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{nl}Tom was spotted in LA yesterday. Enjoy the pics in the gallery!In LA- February 23th 2010

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Take a look at these pics of Tom riding his Ducati in LA yesterday.Riding His Ducati in LA- February 20th 2010And we’ve added more pics from the filming of “Knight and Day” in Malibu last week. Enjoy them!On the Set in Malibu- February 12th 2010{nl}{nl}

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We’ve updated the gallery with pics from a photoshoot for the Collateral promotion in 2004 and some from 2005 of Tom, his mother, Bella and Katie ice skating in NYC. Check it out!Collateral Photoshoot- July 29th 2004Ice Skating in NYC- December 15th 2005{nl}{nl}

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{nl}We’ve added pics of Tom riding his Ducati in LA February 12th and 15th. Enjoy it HERE and  HERE.

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We’ve added scans from the Vanilla Sky Japanese movie program. Enjoy it in the gallery!Vanilla Sky Japanese Movie Program{nl}{nl}

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Tom was spotted on the “Knight and Day” set in Malibu this morning. Enjoy the pics in the gallery!On the Set in Malibu- February 12th 2010{nl}{nl}