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Enjoy these HQ pics of Tom leaving Gaslight restaurant in Boston on Saturday after filming scenes for his new movie.Leaving Gaslight Restaurant- September 19th 2009{nl}{nl}You can also enjoy pics of Kate and Suri from the same day strolling in Boston  HERE.{nl}


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{nl}Hollywood hunk Tom Cruise gave Hub fans an unexpected treat yesterday by turning up in the South End to film scenes for his latest flick at Gaslight restaurant alongside A-list hottie Cameron Diaz .{nl}The pair star in a new action comedy, tentatively titled “Wichita.” The film features Cruise as a secret agent popping in and out of the life of single mom Diaz.{nl}Outside Gaslight, the Academy Award-nominated heartthrob told the Inside Track that filming local scenes, including at Worcester Regional Airport, has “been a blast.”{nl}“It’s been a great first week,” Cruise said before departing in a black Escalade. On Friday night, Katie Holmes, Daddy Cruise and little Suri had dinner at Abe & Louie’s on Boylston Street.{nl}Some fans, such as Cara Tirrell of Ashland, grilled Cruise for pledging allegiance to the New York Yankees. Tom played it up, telling the crowd he has a lot of friends who are Red Sox fans and wants to see the Sox in the playoffs.{nl}“We didn’t even know he was there,” said Tirrell, a 37-year-old mental health clinician. “We just stumbled onto the scene.”{nl}Cruise and Diaz also will film a post-plane-crash scene in Bridgewater. However, a chunk of an old Boeing 727 slated for the set was nearly derailed Friday after being stuck on a flatbed truck in Longmeadow for about 18 hours.{nl}The fuselage was being sent from North Carolina to Bridgewater for inclusion in an explosion scene on a 263-acre corn field.{nl}Longmeadow police Lt. Gary Fontaine said the truck carrying the fuselage remained parked at a rest area on Route 5, where “it wasn’t blocking traffic,” before being escorted by state police to Bridgewater between 1:30 p.m. and 2 p.m. Friday afternoon.{nl}The truck driver told WWLP Ch. 22 News that the trip, which should take two days, has taken nearly two weeks. The network reported the delay was because the driver was awaiting state permits.{nl}Source:  Boston Herald

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We have the first pics of the set of the new “James Mangold/Tom Cruise Project”. They’re from the Worcester Airport in Boston. Enjoy them in our gallery!{nl}Worcester Airport Set{nl}

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Release dates for the new “James Mangold/Tom Cruise Project”  which is currently filming in the Boston area, have been set.  The film remains without an official title at this time, but is going by the title “Zephyr” during filming.  That will probably NOT be the name of the film when it’s released.   The film was formerly titled “Wichita”. {nl}The film will be released in the US on July 2, 2010 to capitalize on the Fourth of July weekend in the states.  It will open on the same date as the US in the United Kingdom and will open in the Netherlands and Germany on July 1, 2010.  {nl}We’ll keep you posted as additional release dates come in!{nl}Source:  Private

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We’ve added some behind scenes pics from Days of Thunder, Cocktail and The Outsiders. Enjoy them in the gallery!Thanks to our dear member Sylvia!

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Original Video- More videos at TinyPic

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Principal filming for the made-in-Boston spy flick “Wichita,” starring Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, Maggie Grace and Marc Blucas, kicked off on Tuesday, Sept. 15 at the Worcester Regional Airport.The film’s code name indicated by the yellow production signs plastered all over Worcester? Zephyr.In preparation for the shoot, set designers transformed the locale to act as stand-in for the Wichita Airport. The film’s prop team received 40 copies of a Kansas paper, The Wichita Eagle, and 25 guides from the Wichita Convention & Visitors Bureau. Also, crews built a gift shop, a transportation security inspection area and a bar. The set will be torn down after the four-day shoot.According to one tipster, security is extremely tight on set. “There’s a lot of activity at the base camp and the airport location,” says a Loaded Gun Boston reader in Worcester. “The airport police have the entrance to the airport closed and there are ‘no parking’ signs are up all along the road, so no one will park there.”The source continues, “I’m also listening to the airport police on the radio and they’re turning around all spectators from the area.”The soon-to-be-renamed “Wichita” follows Cruise as a secret agent who pops in and out of the life of single woman played by Diaz.On Monday, Sept. 21, crews are filming all day in a desolate area of Somerville located on Windsor Street between South and Water.{nl}Meanwhile, production is hashing out an elaborate crash scene where a commercial 727 airliner skids into a Cumberland Farms cornfield near Curve Street in Bridgewater. Scheduled to shoot Thursday, Sept. 24 and Friday, Sept. 25, the scene depicts the aftermath of plane crash in a fictional Indiana locale.{nl}Sources:  Various

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{nl}Tom and Cameron appeared on Jay’s new show Tuesday evening by satellite remote from the Boston area set of their new film to help Jay inaugurate his new 10 @ 10 feature where he asks celebrities 10 questions.{nl}We now know that Tom has never been to a strip club and sings Stevie Wonder’s ‘Isn’t She Lovely’ to Suri to get her to sleep!  He even sang a little!  He was also asked to recite a line from Top Gun “with feeling” and replied  “I feel the need, the need… The audience then shouted: “For speed!”  Cameron also said the worst thing about working with Tom is that is laughs all the time!  Tom then accused Cameron of being the one who does all the laughing.  When asked if he was better at sex or flying a plane, Tom responded “I try to excel in all areas and I’ve never been asked for a refund, so I don’t know.”  Then he likened the experiences to be similarly exciting.  {nl}Source:  Angela/Site Administrator{nl} 

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{nl} Enjoy pics of Tom in New York City last Friday, September 11th HERE  He was there for production meetings for his new movie which began filming this week in Boston.

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{nl}Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have wished their pal Jay Leno sweet success with his new primetime television show, which kicked off Monday night.{nl}A source close to “The Jay Leno Show” told Access Hollywood that the supercouple sent Jay and his staff almost 200 cupcakes with their good luck wishes as the comedian gets set to debut “The Jay Leno Show” on Monday night.{nl}Tom and Katie purchased the cupcakes and a coconut cake from Sprinkles, a celeb-friendly cupcake shop in Beverly Hills.{nl}The cupcakes are the second time Tom has shown his early support of his buddy Jay. {nl}The talk show host revealed that Tom previously showed his enthusiasm for “The Jay Leno Show’s” racetrack, a new segment for the program which sees celebs compete for the fastest time.{nl}“I’ve told it to a number of stars and, as a matter of fact, even Tom Cruise called and said ‘Can I get in early and practice?’ I said ‘No, nobody gets to practice,’” Jay recounted in August to a Television Critics Associate panel in Pasadena. “The fun thing about it, there’s a lot of people, [which] people want to see, perhaps athletes and people like this who are not good talkers but would be fun in this sort of environment