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We brought you this news several days ago and now it looks like Variety is catching up.    Also, please note that according to our very accurate sources, 2012 is a much more likely target date as well as Tom and JJ’s planned date for the film depending on the rewrites for Matarese and depending on who is hired to write M:I IV.  The James Mangold project will come first and Matarese will most likely be next.  {nl}  {nl}Mission: Impossible IV,” which once seemed truly impossible, is taking shape at Paramount. {nl}Tom Cruise and J.J. Abrams have agreed to co-produce the sequel, which is aimed at a 2011 release. {nl}The return of Cruise to Par itself is surprising in view of the circumstances surrounding his departure in August 2006. Apparently irked by the heft of Cruise’s deal, among other issues, Viacom chief Sumner Redstone abruptly terminated the 14-year relationship between the star and the studio. Cruise’s then-CAA agent, Rick Nacita, termed Redstone’s decision “shockingly offensive and graceless.” {nl}The rift led to Cruise becoming the chief of United Artists and taking a more active role in production decisions. Redstone, meanwhile, has sought to heal the relationship. At a recent appearance, he described the star as “a great actor and a good friend.” {nl}The “Mission” installment would augment Paramount’s formidable array of sequels, which will include “Star Trek 2” and a third “Transformers.” {nl}Work on “Mission: Impossible IV” would inevitably be delayed by the busy schedules of the participants. {nl}Abrams will be responsible for guiding the “Star Trek” sequel, while Cruise recently committed to an untitled pic (formerly called “Wichita”) for 20th Century Fox that will be directed by James Mangold and co-star Cameron Diaz. {nl}Cruise and Denzel Washington are also awaiting a rewrite on the David Cronenberg-directed “The Matarese Circle,” the MGM thriller based on the Robert Ludlum novel.{nl}Source:  Variety


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Also yesterday Kate was seen taking Suri to school. Enjoy the pics in our gallery.Kate & Suri Arriving At School- June 15th 2009

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{nl}Check out our gallery for pics of Tom taking Suri to visit Kate at CBS Studio yesterday where she was rehearsing.Arriving At CBS Studio- June 15th 2009{nl}

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{nl}A theater manager, Randy Pollack, from the suburban Chicago area, won a contest sponsored by MGM to meet and have lunch with Tom in Los Angeles recently.  {nl}This is what Mr. Pollack had to say about our dear Tom!{nl}”I was a bit worried. What do I say to Tom Cruise?” Pollock said with a laugh. {nl}As part of his first place prize Pollock and his wife, Shari, were flown to Hollywood, put up in a hotel for three days and two nights, given $1,000 in spending money and an autographed “Valkyrie” movie poster. {nl}And, of course, the big moment … meeting the movie star.{nl}Pollock remains most impressed by Cruise’s cool down-to-Earth demeanor.{nl}”When we got to (the studio) they brought us up to the 14th floor for lunch and we started to eat,” Pollock recalls. “About 10 minutes later Tom Cruise just walks in, with no entourage, and says, ‘Hey guys, how’s it going?” {nl}”(Cruise) made you feel very relaxed when you were talking to him and you could tell he was interested in what you had to say.” {nl}According to Pollock, they talked about Cruise’s wife, Katie Holmes, and his daughter Suri. {nl}Pollock says Cruise also discussed his love of World War II movies, such as “The Great Escape” and “Saving Private Ryan,” which led him to accepting the role in “Valkyrie.” {nl}Throughout it all Pollock remains most impressed by the love Cruise has for his work.{nl}”He was very passionate and movies and still loved making them. You could tell he was proud of the work he had done,” Pollock said. {nl}During lunch Pollock had Cruise autograph several “Valkyrie” posters, one of which is hanging in the Charlestowne Mall movie theater for workers and moviegoers to enjoy. {nl}You’ll find the full article HERE.{nl}As well as additional HQ pictures in our gallery HERE. 

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{nl}Tom is #7 on this years’ Forbes list of Top Earning Actors thanks to his worldwide hit ‘Valkyrie’.  Forbes Magazine is an extremely well respected international business publication which puts out this list every year and of course Tom has been on it year after year.    {nl}CONGRATULATIONS TOM !!!!!!!!  {nl}Source:  Forbes

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{nl}Take a look in our gallery for HQ pics of Tom and Connor riding in Tom’s Porsche yesterday.In A Car- June 13th 2009{nl}

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{nl}Enjoy these HQ pics of Kate and Suri leaving American Girl Place boutique in Los Angeles  yesterday evening.Kate & Suri Leaving American Girl Place- June 12nd 2009{nl}

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Here you have the scans of the pic that appears in the June issue of Empire magazine celebrating its 20th Anniversary.Empire 20th Anniversay Edition- June 2009{nl}{nl}

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{nl}According to the latest issue of TV Guide (see scan above), J.J. Abrams is returning to produce Mission Impossible 4.  He says:  “I am incredibly honored that Tom has asked me back as a producer on MI 4.  Tom and I have come up with a really cool idea we are pursuing.”  J.J. has not decided if he will direct yet. {nl}The film is currently slated for a 2012 release and JJ and Tom are talking to writers to develop a script.   {nl}This is really exciting!!    It will be really interesting seeing their ideas on the big screen!

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We think this is an interesting article in regard to how Tom’s fingers were made to “disappear’ in the final version of Valkyrie from the man who created the effect, Rich Hoover.  Questions have been asked about this in our forum{nl}Below are parts of an article from FX Guide where Rich speaks about this interesting use of digital effects.  Also we have used photographs to illustrate what Rick did.{nl}{nl}fxguide: From a vfx point of view, how did you produce Tom Cruise without hands and fingers?Rich Hoover: We photographed and measured Tom’s hands very carefully. He had a cast made of it for the prosthetics, both of the stump of his right hand, and prosthetic approaches of how to show his missing digits on his left hand. We found that the prosthetics made his fingers look a little fat, and there weren’t any photographic references of those types of injuries that supported any swelling or change in dimension of digits. I ended up trying some greenscreen sleeves on the fingers, and different ways of outlining where the fingers would be missing, but this had about as many negative properties