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As some of you may have heard, several pictures of Suri’s Family Birthday party were taken by a paparazzi helicopter (we won’t mention the name of the agency) on Saturday.  The party was attended by family ONLY.  It was not a public event or in a public place.  It took place in the backyard where they assumed they had privacy.  They should have had privacy!  They were on their own private property for Heaven’s sake!!  When the helicopter flew over, Tom called the Beverly Hills Police Department, but unfortunately, they were unable to get their helicopter in the air quick enough to stop the offending paparazzi agency.{nl}WE HERE AT TOM CRUISE FOREVER WILL NOT POST THOSE PICTURES.  They are unfair, wrong and an invasion of the family’s privacy.   When Tom, Kate and the family are in public, they are fair game for the paparazzi, however, when they’re in their own backyard, it is our feeling (and the family’s feeling) that they should be afforded the privacy they, and every human being, deserve.  We will NOT support what this photographic agency did in any way.  {nl}Even though we realize some fans will choose to look at the pictures, we feel the need to take a stand in support of Tom and his family and do the moral thing.  The paparazzi crossed the line.  We will not support that.   


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Today is our Anniversary!!  Four years ago today, Tom Cruise Forever was launched!!!! After 4 years, we’re not only the ultimate Tom Cruise fansite on the net, we are also the sweetest site, free from gossip, negativity and rumors, dedicated to our dear Tom!{nl}We’d like to thank to all the members who have joined us in the forum  during these past 4 years.  We thank you for your contributions on a daily basis with great comments, pictures and news. Thank you for being part of the community and thank you for helping us grow bigger everyday!  We love you!!  {nl}We’re so proud to say that we are one of the veteran fansites in the net these days. A LOT of work goes into this site everyday by our Administrators in order to keep the site very updated, but it’s totally worth it!{nl}For many many years to come!!{nl}THANK YOU ALL!!

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This is an older video we’ve posted before of Tom flying his P51 Mustang ‘Kiss Me Kate’, but we thought Tom’s fans would enjoy seeing it again!!  {nl}The plane was originally called ‘Montana Miss’ and is registered as one of the few remaining Antique World War II P51 Mustang’s in the US that are still airworthy.{nl}The video is taken partially by Tom and partially by photographers at the Van Nuys Airfield where Tom houses his planes.    {nl}

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{nl}Beautiful Suri celebrated her third birthday with a small gathering of friends and family at home in Los Angeles Thursday afternoon. {nl}Tom and Katie planned a princess-themed party for their daughter, which included a cake featuring Belle from Beauty and the Beast and a treasure hunt around the house for Suri and her friends.{nl}Tom and Katie wanted to keep the party small and just make it fun for Suri and her friends.{nl}HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY SURI WITH LOVE FROM THE FOREVER GANG!!     Source:  People, Access Hollwood, Other Sources

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{nl}MGM/UA is releasing ‘Lions For Lambs’ on Blu-ray on May 19th.Extras include:Commentary by Director Robert RedfordThe Making of Lions for LambsScript to ScreenUA LegacyLions for Lambs Teaser Trailer and Lions for Lambs Trailer{nl}Source:  MGM/UA

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Katie (and Tom’s) brother-in-law, Joseph Jeffrey Fretti (known as Jeff to family and friends), has passed away at the tender age of 48. He was visiting his mother Shirley in Sarasota, Florida along with their two children when he passed. The cause of death was heart failure. Jeff was a funeral director and owner of the J. Jeffrey Fretti Funeral home in Toledo, Ohio.  He was married to Kate’s sister Tami (Tamera), 41. Services are scheduled for Monday in Toledo. Our love and deepest sympathies go out to Tami and her children as well as the entire Fretti, Holmes and Cruise families. 

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United Artists has acquired rights to and will develop “The Heartbreakers,” a girl-oriented project based on a popular young-adult novel, and will give it the new name of “Rules of Dating for Teenage Girls.”Jennifer Ross is in negotiations to write the script, with Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas attached to produce and Adelaide Scardino overseeing for the studio.”Rules of Dating” is based on a book by journalist-turned-novelist Pamela Wells, who published her debut novel “The Heartbreakers” in fall 2007. She followed that up a year later with a second novel, “Crushes,” that focused on many of the same characters.”Rules of Dating” centers on four best friends and their on-again, off-again dalliances with boys. After several of the girls are dumped, they devise a set of rules they are sure will snag any man and prevent future breakups. Those familiar with the project described it as a coming-of-age comedy with a girl-power streak.Ross, repped by Endeavor and Tom Sawyer Entertainment, is a postproduction veteran with credits on HBO’s “Sex and the City” and “Big Love,” among others.UA has a number of youth-oriented projects in development, including a remake of “Teen Witch,” the 1989 supernatural comedy starring Robyn Lively.Projects aimed at tween and young teen girls are in vogue in the wake of the massive success of properties like “Twilight” and the success this past weekend of “Hannah Montana: The Movie.” Bookseller stats, for instance, show overlap between “Twilight” and “Heartbreakers” consumers. {nl}Source:  The Hollywood Reporter{nl} 

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We’ve added some lovely HQ pics to our gallery of Kate and Suri leaving the dance studio yesterday morning.  Check out adorable little Suri in her ballerina slippers!   Kate & Suri Leaving Dance Studio- April 9th 2009{nl}

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We here at FOREVER feel it’s necessary in this situation to step outside reporting about our Terrific Tom and discuss a serious situation happening in the world.  {nl}As you know, a magnitude 6.3 earthquake, as well as many aftershocks, have hit central Italy.  The quake hit the town of  L’Aquila and several other towns covering 230 square miles in central Italy early Monday, leveling buildings and reducing entire blocks to piles of rubble. It was the worst quake to hit Italy in three decades.  There are many dead and even more who have been left homeless by the quake.  We here at FOREVER are very concerned about this situation and it’s aftermath.{nl}Our dear friend and member, Vania is working to bring relief to the area and has recommended a charity which is accepting donations.  She has personal knowledge of the charity and knows they are working hard to bring help.  {nl}If you would like to donate, you may contact:{nl}MISERICORDIA DI ROMA Monte dei Paschi di Siena Ag.10 Piazza Vescovio, Roma, Italy IBAN code: IT 80 K 01030 03210 000000986862 Thank You!!

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{nl}There have been multiple stories in the press recently about Tom producing and starring in a remake of ‘Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid’.  They were started by a UK tabloid and have circulated widely on the internet and in the print media.  {nl}THOSE RUMORS ARE COMPLETELY FALSE!{nl}Tom’s representitive has denied the reports, and a representitive for 20th Century Fox has stated that the rumor is completely false.  {nl}