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{nl}We’ve updated the gallery with some awesome pics from The Last Samurai press conference in Los Angeles in 2003. Enjoy them!The Last Samurai Press Conference- November 15th 2003{nl}{nl}Thanks to our dear member Sylvia!


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{nl}Tom and Kate went jogging late this morning at Melbourne’s National Botanical  Gardens. Enjoy the pics in our gallery!Going Jogging in Melbourne- August 30th 2009{nl}

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Tom will join Jay Leno for his second show in his new 10 PM time slot.  The show will air September 15th on NBC.{nl}Tom will launch a new segment on ‘The Jay Leno Show” when he appears in ’10 at 10’ where guests answer 10 rapid fire questions.  {nl}Don’t miss it!!  {nl} 

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{nl}We’ve added  scans of Days of Thunder Japanese movie program to the gallery. Enjoy it!Days of Thunder Japanese Movie Program

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Maggie Grace is in negotiations to join Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz in Fox’s untitled Wichita project, a spy thriller directed by James Mangold.The project centers on a lonely woman (Diaz) whose seemingly harmless blind date suddenly turns her life upside-down when a super spy (Cruise) takes her on a violent worldwide journey to protect a powerful battery that holds the key to an infinite power source.Grace is playing Diaz’s sister, who is getting married, excited that Diaz will take the place of their late father and walk her down the aisle. Mangold’s partner Cathy Konrad is producing with Todd Garner, Steve Pink and Joe Roth. Grace has been on fire since starring as Liam Neeson’s daughter in “Taken,” which has raked in more than $224 million worldwide. She recently wrapped playing the female lead opposite Adrien Brody and Forest Whitaker in Sony’s “The Experiment” and is shooting “Flying Lessons.” The indie is being exec produced by Mark Johnson. Grace, repped by ICM and 1 Management, will shoot the thriller in October in Boston. {nl}Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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Today, we’re launching version # 16 of Tom Cruise Forever of the main site. New layout, new colours, new affiliates, a calendar so you could never forget what’s next for Tom, we’ve updated the projects and we got a new poll going on. The launching of this new layout in the main site matches with the launching of the new layout we have at Twitter. Hey, for the ones who don’t know. TCForever can be found at Twitter too!! So, follow us!{nl}

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{nl} Tom Cruise has paid what is being described as a social visit to{nl}film director Peter Jackson in Wellington.{nl}ONE News got exclusive shots of Cruise just as he was winding up{nl}his brief Wellington stopover but most locals only realised he was{nl}there after he had left.{nl}Sources told ONE News the Hollywood star dropped in on his Lear{nl}jet on Wednesday, had a sleepover at Jackson’s Masterton mansion{nl}and then choppered back to the capital to fly out again.{nl}Jackson’s people say the pair are mates and Cruise was just{nl}saying “hi” on his way to see wife Katie Holmes and daughter Suri{nl}in Melbourne where Holmes is filming the horror movie Don’t Be{nl}Afraid of the Dark.{nl}Wingnut Films spokesman Matt Dravitski says Cruise knows Jackson{nl}and he wanted to visit his studios.{nl}Dravitski says Cruise was not discussing any future projects{nl}with Jackson and it was just a social visit.Source:

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Here you have pics of Tom attending the 24th Annual Imagen Awards on 21st August. Enjoy them!24th Annual Imagen Awards- August 21st 2009{nl}

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Last week’s widely picked-up statement attributed to Brad Pitt, unfavorably comparing his WII movie Inglourious Basterds to Tom Cruise’s star vehicle Valkyrie, was not only “inaccurate,” Pitt’s manager tells PEOPLE, but “Brad has never even seen Valkyrie.” The uncharacteristically harsh remark was originally published in a wide-circulation weekly German magazine, and, as could be expected, was reprinted internationally. Problem was, it was never uttered. As for the two movies, both of which feature attempts on the life of German dictator Adolf Hitler, Cruise’s Valkyrie, after a troubled production history, was released late last year, to indifferent reviews and box office. Director Quentin Tarantino, after premiering Inglorious Basterds to wildly mixed reviews at this May’s Cannes Film Festival, went back into the cutting room with it and opened the movie to the American public on Friday. While reviews still ran the gamut from four stars to fewer, most critics still singled out Pitt’s no-nonsense anti-Nazi Tennessean. {nl}Source: People

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According to The Boston Globe, the producers for ‘The James Mangold/Tom Cruise Project’ formerly titled ‘Wichita’, are already in Boston preparing for the shoot.  Tom and Cameron can’t be far behind!{nl}”Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz will be in town soon to begin shooting a big-budget action comedy with director James Mangold. Previously titled “Wichita,’’ the film is about an undercover agent who hooks up with a woman who’s had only bad luck with men. Producers are in town now prepping for the shoot, which will include at least a few high-octane action sequences that will necessitate the closure of certain roads and bridges.”{nl}Source:  The Boston Globe