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“It was… It was interesting. There’s been a few different guys that we talked to. And early on there were discussion about having an Ocean’s Eleven cast. Tom Cruise and whoever. I went to him. He called me after 300 just to say that movie was awesome and ask what was I doing. And I said I was working on this thing Watchmen and he said, ‘Well, come tell me about it.’ So I went over to his house and we just kind of rapped about it. And we really didn’t go much further than that. “And then the other day, I went over there and showed him our first trailer and he was like, ‘This is frickin’ cool.’ Which is cool. He’s a pretty cool guy. And I think he’s just genuinely interested in the movie. Everybody was like, ‘Oh he’s Tom Cruise, he must have an ulterior motive about wanting to be in it or something.’ But I really just think he just wanted to see it. {nl}Source:  IGN


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THESE VIDEOS ARE A MUST SEE FOR ANY CRUISE FAN!!{nl}Tom speaks in depth about the preparation and filming of ‘Valkyrie’, Bryan Singer as his director, as well as the real incident that inspired the film and his personal feelings about Operation: Valkyrie. This is Tom at his best and most exciting speaking about something he loves.  Enjoy the video’s{nl}

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We’ve added lots of scans to our gallery. They’re from this weeks Spanish magazines, which are reporting on Tom’s visit to Madrid. We have Hola, OK and other ones HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.  Enjoy them!{nl}

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Tom was in Mexico City yesterday promoting Valkyrie. You can enjoy some pics of the premiere he attended in our gallery.{nl}Premiere Mexico- February 5th 2009{nl}

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{nl}The Friday, Feb. 6, edition of ESPN2’s “NASCAR Now” will include an interview with actor Tom Cruise, the sports network says.{nl}Scheduled to run at 5 p.m. Eastern time, Cruise discusses his interest in stock car racing and recalls driving at Daytona during filming of the 1990 movie “Days of Thunder.” Cruise played Cole Trickle, a rookie looking for success in NASCAR’s premiere division. Robert Duval was the Trickle team’s crew chief in the film and Randy Quaid played the car owner. Nicole Kidman portrayed a doctor who was Trickle’s love interest.{nl}The plot was loosely based – some fans and critics might say several rounds too loose – on some key NASCAR figures of the time: Cruise as Tim Richmond, Duval as Harry Hyde and Quaid as Rick Hendrick. {nl}Then-NASCAR drivers Greg Sacks, Tommy Ellis, Bobby Hamilton and Hut Stricklin, among others, assisted in filming race scenes, while a number of other drivers, media and racing personalities of the time made appearances.{nl}Cruise lays claim to a lifelong passion for racing and speaks with ESPN2 about racing and movies as the season-opening Daytona 500 nears. Some excerpts:{nl}”You just see our history through time, our love affair with the automobile.{nl}”Having that opportunity to drive those cars on the track, meet those drivers that I got to meet. Making movies, I love it because I get to enter into a world and you meet these people. And the generosity that I’ve been extended by these people – whether it’s NASCAR or “Jerry McGuire” – it’s a great life because I’m interested in life and in engaging in life, and to have those experiences I feel very privileged.” {nl}Source:  That’s Racin

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Below are a couple of excellent video’s of Tom at the Rio premiere of Valkyrie. {nl}In the first, you see him arriving with Katie as well as snippets of the press conference he gave earlier in the day. {nl}The second video is exclusively Tom interacting with his many loving fans. As usual, he was a sweetheart, stopping to sign autographs, take pictures and give out kisses! {nl}{nl}{nl}{nl}

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Tom showed off his ripped abdominal muscles and buff chest while swimming at the Copacabana Palace Hotel pool this morning in Brazil.  He was playing with Suri and taking her for a swim.  We think we just heard millions of women sighing!!  A great Dad who also looks HOT!  It doesn’t get any better than that!{nl}We’ve added more pics of Tom, Kate & Suri at the pool. Check them out at the gallery link below!!{nl}At Copacabana Hotel Pool – February 4th 2009{nl}{nl} 

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Here you have the first pics of the Valkyrie premiere in Rio de Janeiro. Tom was accompanied by Kate. Check back often.  We’ll be adding more pics as the evening goes on.  {nl}Premiere in Rio de Janeiro- February 3rd 2009{nl}