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Here you have the first pics of the London premiere of Valkyrie that is taking place at this moment. Enjoy the pics in our gallery.  We have many more pics and will continue adding them as the evening goes on.  Check back often for updates!  {nl}London Valkyrie Premiere – January 21st 2009 {nl}

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Below you’ll find a video of Tom and Kate and their group at the airport in Berlin. They were flying from Berlin to London for the UK ‘Valkyrie’ premiere and another round of interviews.

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{nl}It is an infectious thing, that Tom Cruise smile.{nl}There they are, those bright white teeth grinning perfectly out to me as I shake his hand.{nl}”Really? Has there been controversy?” Cruise deadpans when I ask him about it, before turning to Singer and asking: “Did you read anything about that?”{nl}Singer shakes his head and says: “I don’t read.” {nl}The film is helped along of course by a truckload of British talent in the supporting cast. {nl}There is Kenneth Brannagh, Bill Nighy, Tom Wilkinson, Terrence Stamp and even Eddie Izzard.{nl}Yes, they all play Germans who speak with British accents. But the prospect of them all speaking in comedy German voices would have been a whole lot worse.{nl}”Look at the cast we have, you know we’re fortunate enough to have your countrymen,” Cruise says. {nl}”Any time we can get those Brits in a film, we’re like come on, because they’re so talented.”{nl}So does Cruise care about those critics who say he has a lot to prove, especially after his last political thriller Lions For Lambs failed to ignite the box office, even though he gave a pretty decent turn as a charismatic senator?{nl}”You know I’m just making movies. Through the career, it has been 25 years now and even after Days Of Thunder, Far And Away – they were like, this is a comeback,” he replies.{nl}”I’m making movies and I feel lucky to be able to do it, and I’m going to do this for the rest of my life, so it’s fine.”

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Here you have pics of Tom and Kate leaving Valkyrie’s premiere in Berlin yesterday. Tom will be in London today.{nl}Leaving Valkyrie’s Premiere In Berlin- January 20th 2009{nl}

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{nl}We’ve added tons of pics of the press conference Tom did in Berlin today prior to the ‘Valkyrie’ premiere.  Director Bryan Singer, Carice van Houten and Thomas Kretschmann were there as well.Valkyrie’s Press Conference In Berlin{nl}

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The European premiere of Valkyrie took place in Berlin a few hours ago. Tom was accompanied by Kate. They both looked stunning. Enjoy the pics in our gallery.  We have many more pics and will continue adding them as the evening goes on.  Check back often for updates!  {nl}Valkyrie’s Premiere In Berlin- January 29th 2009{nl}

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{nl}Tom Cruise says he felt a huge burden of responsibility to history in bringing the story of one of Germany’s few anti-Nazi heroes to the screen.{nl}In “Valkyrie,” Cruise plays Col. Claus Graf Schenk von Stauffenberg

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Hollywood filmmaker Bryan Singer, who is currently on a promotional tour across Asia and Europe with superstar Tom Cruise for his Nazi thriller “Valkyrie”, has revealed that the actor is keen on visiting India to promote the film. {nl}”Tom wants to go to India for the promotion. His daughter (Isabella, 16, adopted) has told him a lot about the country and he is eager to go there. India is also an emerging and growing market in terms of business for us,” Singer told IANS over phone from Seoul, South Korea. {nl}”I’d also like the Indian audience to know that ‘Valkyrie’ is a true and extraordinary story. It’s an edge-of-the-seat assassination thriller and is the story of a neglected event in time,” added the director who is also contemplating visiting Japan and China as a part of the promotional tour.

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The daughter of Count Stauffenberg, the German hero played by Tom Cruise in the film “Valkyrie,” has praised the movie and Germany’s culture deputy has called it a success. It’s a far cry from the country’s initial skepticism about the film.{nl}{nl} {nl} {nl}{nl}{nl}{nl}The youngest daughter of Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg, the German army colonel who almost killed Adolf Hitler with a briefcase bomb in 1944, has praised the movie “Valkyrie” in which Tom Cruise portrays her father. {nl}Konstanze von Schulthess-Rechberg, 63, who saw the film ahead of its European premiere in Berlin on Tuesday, said it was “subtle” and “respectful” towards the people involved in the plot to blow up Hitler.{nl}”I went into this film ready to criticize it but I have to say I was very positively surprised by it,” she told German ZDF television in an interview broadcast on Tuesday evening. “This is not a loud film and I thought it was very subtly played in many parts. They went to quite a lot of trouble and I liked how they treated all the characters respectfully,” said von Schulthess-Rechberg, whose son Philipp has a small part in the film.