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Enjoy this special feature clip the new Valkyrie DVD/Blu-ray disc which is is in stores as of yesterday, May 19th.  Don’t forget to get your copy!! {nl}{nl}{nl}


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{nl} Here you have pics of Kate leaving the dance studio with Suri yesterday. Kate & Suri Leaving Dance Studio- May 18th 2009

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{nl}Tom Cruise has gone quiet lately in terms of the media, but that doesn’t mean he’s lost any of his fire. Indeed, Cruise knows he’s at a turning point: He’s determined to lock in his next two movies in the next two weeks and to reassert himself as the chief of United Artists.Yet I found him in a relaxed and garrulous mood last week and eager to compare war stories about the filmmaking business. Cruise shot a one-hour TV special called “Storymakers” with Peter Guber and myself where he made it very clear that, while many possibilities have beckoned, by no means was he putting the business of being a movie star on the back burner.Along the way Cruise acknowledged that someday he would like to find a movie to direct but understands that it would represent a considerable sacrifice both in terms of family time and movie-star time. He also said that Broadway held a lure now that he had shared his wife Katie’s experience making her bow in “All My Sons.” “The camaraderie among actors in the theater is enticing,” he said, as is the sheer energy of the Great White Way.Yet Cruise acknowledged that he was still a committed movie nut and has been since childhood. He cheerfully recalled sneaking into “The Godfather” as a little boy in Canada (his parents had barred him from seeing it because of its violence). “I would always go to movies alone as a kid,” he said. “I knew what I wanted to see and I planned my weekends and odd jobs around movie schedules.”Cruise realizes that he must have been a pain in the ass as a young actor and says he remains eternally grateful for those directors who endured his relentless questions and challenges. Harold Becker on “Taps” let him see dailies, the editor invited him to spend hours in the cutting room, the cinematographer explained lenses and camera angles. “I had to know it all,” Cruise reflects. “I had to understand the process.”Cruise’s almost manic dedication to “the process” is still evident, but he seems more relaxed about it. After committing to play the crazed studio chief in “Tropic Thunder” for Ben Stiller, Cruise spent three months prepping his lines and practicing movements in his fat suit. “I knew there was a good chance it wouldn’t work, but I needed to push the envelope,” he said. “The same for ‘Valkyrie.’ It was a risk. I’m passionate about my movies and that means taking risks.”Now 46, few stars have ranged as far and wide in their roles, from “Born on the Fourth of July” to “Rain Man,” or worked with such a wide range of major filmmakers, from Spielberg to Coppola to Kubrick. When Cruise commits to a project, his commitment has been stalwart

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{nl}Was Tom Cruise afraid to meet future co-star Dustin Hoffman?{nl}Cruise was intimidated — that’s true! The Hollywood heavyweights scored big as brothers in “Rain Man,” but years earlier, Tom admits he was too nervous to introduce himself. Cruise told AMC’s “Storymakers,” “I said, ‘I am not going to go up and say hello to him… He doesn’t want to be bothered.'”{nl}The “Valkyrie” actor reveals Hoffman actually came up to him first and said his name. Cruise adds, “I was like ‘S**t… This guy knows my name!”{nl}Hoffman told Cruise he wanted to make a movie with him. They made “Rain Man” in 1988 and the flick raked in four Oscars!{nl}Source:  Extra TV

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We’ve just added HQ pics of Kate and Suri leaving Suri’s weekly dance class in Pacific Palisades, California to our gallery.  Enjoy them!!  Kate & Suri Leaving Dance Studio- May 14th 2009{nl}

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{nl}Hollywood power couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were super good sports at the White House Correspondents Dinner. When they entered the ballroom a horde of camera wielding folks asked for pictures with the stars–and both very pleasantly obliged. They seemed in no hurry, posed for all comers, and chatted with strangers.{nl}Tom and Katie are pictured with Lynn Sweet, an “InsidePolitics Daily” columnist.{nl}Source:  Inside Politics Daily, Press Release{nl}SEE BELOW FOR TONS OF PICS AND NEWS ABOUT THE WHCA DINNER!

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                                 {nl}Citizens hoping for a Gov., Rep. or Sen. Tom Cruise in the future are going to have a long wait. {nl}{nl}The New York Daily News caught up with Cruise recently and asked the film star if he’d ever consider politics. {nl}{nl}”I’m an actor, not a politician,” Cruise told the News. “Acting is what I’m good at, what I’ve been trained to do. I’d never do politics.” {nl}{nl}Cruise, 46, added that between acting and politics, he had the “better job.”{nl}Source:  New York Daily News

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{nl} Tune in this Friday, May 15th at 10 PM, to see Tom chat with the famous co-hosts of AMC’s ‘Storymakers’, Peter Bart and Peter Guber.  Tom says he’d love to try directing if he wasn’t so busy with another off-camera project:  Parenting. “It’s really about my kids,” explains Cruise, the father of three children, who says directing a film would be even more time-consuming than producing or performing. “One day I will do it, but right now, I’m having so much fun as an actor.” Source:  Press Release