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We’ve updated the gallery with promotional stills from ‘Legend’ and ‘Risky Business’ and also with a photoshoot for ‘The Color of Money’.

The Color of Money Photoshoot



Risky Business Promotional Stills



Legend Promotional Stills



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Despite plenty of enthusiasm from producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Tom, the long-gestating sequel to Top Gun has been lingering in development, losing some momentum when director Tony Scott died in 2012. Paramount is committed to getting this one off the ground again, and is negotiating to put Justin Marks in the script cockpit.

Marks, who has wrote 2009’s Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun Li, has several scripts floating around in various stages at different studios, including one called War Dogs that Bruckheimer was developing under his Disney deal. Since moving to Paramount, the producer has been spearheading forward movement on several of his old franchises. And Disney has given Marks’ career a boost recently, since he’s the writer who got Jon Favreau’s version of The Jungle Book ready to shoot.

Details on the sequel are still largely classified, but Tom is seemingly still in line to return as rule-breaking flyer Maverick, now likely teaching at the academy and aiming to prove that human pilots are still relevant in a drone-happy world. There is no director currently attached, and the project has been though several writers including X-Men: First Class duo Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz and The Town’s Peter Craig.

Source: Empireonline

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Episode 201

Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions have offered the villain role in Mission: Impossible 5 to Sean Harris. They are negotiating. The Troika-repped British actor is best known for his work in The Borgias, and for such films as Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, 24 Hour Party People and Red Riding Trilogy.

Source: Deadline

Update: Chistopher McQuarrie has confirmed Sean Harris has accepted the mission.

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In a new exhibition titled “Wide Eyed” photographer Sarah Dunn shares for the first time some of her candid, behind the scenes images from the last 12 years of magazine shoots, often capturing her subjects relaxed and unposed.

Shot on a Japanese Widelux camera, the exhibition includes a pic of Tom during his photoshoot for Empire magazine last May.

Wide Eyed runs from 2nd-6th September at The Strand Gallery in London.

Wide Eyed Exhibiton


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Simon Pegg has tweeted this pic of him with Tom in Morocco. Thanks Simon!

With Simon Pegg in Morocco- September 2nd 2014

BwitelIIYAErlcY.jpg large

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We’ve added a pic of Tom on set of MI5 in Casablanca (Morocco).

Tom on Set of MI5 in Casablanca (Morocco)- September 1st 2014


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Tom is already in Morocco where he will continue filming Mission Impossible 5 after the shooting in Vienna has finished. Here you have the first pic of him in Rabat.

In Morocco- August 30th 2014



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We’ve added new pics from yesterday of Tom arriving on set and filming scenes later at Vienna State Opera. We’ve also added pics of him filming the day before.


Filming at Vienna State Opera- August 27th 2014



Arriving on Set of MI5 at Vienna State Opera- August 28th 2014



Filming at Vienna State Opera- August 28th 2014


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Tom was on set of Mission: Impossible 5 at Vienna State Opera last night with Rebecca Ferguson while Simon Pegg continued filming scenes.

On the Set of MI5 at Vienna State Opera- August 27th 2014


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Enjoy these pics of Tom on the set of Mission: Impossible 5 in Vienna in the subway tonight where Simon Pegg was filming some scenes for the movie.

On the Set of MI5 in the Subway in Vienna- August 27th 2014