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{nl}Tom Cruise is zeroing in on the 20th Century Fox action comedy “Wichita” as his next star vehicle. {nl}He’ll pair with Cameron Diaz in the James Mangold-directed film. That ends a serious courtship that the star had since January with some of the highest-profile projects in Hollywood. {nl}According to sources, Cruise and Diaz have approved the script, and their deals are in advanced negotiations. While Fox has not officially dated the picture, sources said the studio is eyeing a summer 2010 release. {nl}The script has been through many machinations, but the most recent drafts were done by Scott Frank, with Mangold currently fine-tuning the script with Laeta Kalogridis (“Shutter Island”). Two-hander has several action scenes. {nl}Cruise will play a secret agent who pops in and out of the life of a single woman. {nl}Since the opening of “Valkyrie” Cruise has been courted for and has shown serious interest in the Len Wiseman-directed Dream Works thriller “Motorcade”; the Bharat Nalluri-directed Spyglass remake “The Tourist”; the David Cronenberg-directed MGM drama “The Matarese Circle”; the Universall/Working Title romantic comedy “Lost for Words”; and “The 28th Amendment,” the Florian Henkel von Donnersmarck-directed Warner Bros. thriller. {nl}The competition for the slot came down to “Wichita” and “Motorcade.” It is possible that Cruise might do one of the other projects down the line.{nl}Source:  Variety


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Lovely pic of Tom in the audience of the Memorial Day Concert in Washington, DC on Sunday.  Tom was seated between Connor and former Secretary of State, General Colin Powell.  {nl}

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On Saturday, May 23rd, after taking the kids to lunch and while Katie was rehearsing for the Memorial Day Concert, Tom took Connor and Suri to the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum.  No surprise considering Tom and Connors love of Aviation and flying.  Tom and the children also visited the somber and solemn Holocast Museum the same day.  {nl}Keep watch here for more pics!!  {nl}

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Enjoy these pictures of Katie, Tom and Connor at the Memorial Day event yesterday in Washington D.C.  As you can see, Tom and Connor are seated next to former Secretary of State General Colin Powell.  What a thrill! {nl} {nl}Below you’ll find a link to the gallery with all the pics and more will be added throughout the day, so please stop in often to check!!  {nl} {nl}The Administrators of FOREVER wish to CONGRATULATE Kate on her appearance at this important and solemn event!   {nl}{nl}National Memorial Day Concert (Washington D.C) – May 24th 2009{nl}

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{nl}Enjoy these adorable pics from April of the Cruise family celebrating Easter with friends. Also, check out the pics below of Tom and the kids out to lunch in Washington, DC today!  {nl}Easter Party- April 12nd 2009{nl}{nl}Thanks to our dear member Vania from Katie Holmes Daily!{nl} 

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We’ve just added some “hot off the presses” HQ pics of Tom with Connor and Suri having lunch in Washington D.C today.  The family is in Washington to support Katie as she gives a dramatic reading at a Memorial Day Event at the US Capitol.Having Lunch In Washington D.C.- May 24th 2009{nl}

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Tom and Connor attended  the 2009 NBA Playoffs between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Denver Nuggets at The Staples Center yesterday along with friends Jeffrey and Marilyn Katzenberg. You can enjoy lots of HQ pics in our gallery!Los Ageles Lakers vs Denver Nuggets- May 21st 2009{nl}

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{nl}Katie and Suri attended the finale of ‘American Idol’ on Monday at the Staples Center in Los Angeles where finalists Adam Lambert and Kris Allen gave their final performances.  Kris Allen was crowned this years Idol on Tuesday.  Both girls are big fans of the show.

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{nl}Our Jada Yuan was in Washington this weekend for the city’s once-a-year, promlike media and political event: the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner. The speeches have been covered pretty comprehensively

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