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Military thriller “Valkyrie” landed at the top spot at the foreign box office in its first weekend in international markets with $13.2 million at 2,283 playdates in 13 territories. {nl}MGM/UA’s “Valkyrie,” handled by Fox overseas, scored best in Germany with $3.4 million, South Korea with $2.7 million and the U.K. with $2.5 million.{nl}Source:  Variety {nl}WE KNEW IT!!  CONGRATULATIONS TO TOM, THE CAST, CREW AND EVERYONE AT UA/MGM!! 

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Tom appeared on German TV Show “Wetten Dass…?” this evening along with his Valkyrie co-star Christian Berkel. Other guests were Jerry Hall, Coldplay, Seal and some German celebrities. We’ve added alot of pics of the show to the gallery. Enjoy them!{nl}Wetten Das…? – January 24th 2009{nl}

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{nl}Tom Cruise delighted fans once again in Leicester Square with yet another of his, now signature, mammoth walk-arounds. Tom was in town with his wife Katie Holmes to promote his latest film Valkyrie.{nl}The crowd were especially grateful to Tom and Katie for spending so much time doing the rounds outdoors as the British weather was as welcoming as ever greeting the Hollywood stars with an icy chill!{nl}Read full article HERE.{nl}Source:  All In London{nl} 

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After making a stop in Amsterdam to premiere Valkyrie, Tom has returned to London where he was seen arriving Scott Restaurant yesterday evening{nl}Arriving Scott Restaurant – January 23rd 2009{nl}

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PART 1{nl}{nl} PART 2{nl}{nl} Part 3{nl}{nl}

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We have added pics from yesterday of Tom at Heathrow airport in London catching a flight to Amsterdam for the premiere there. Enjoy them in our gallery!{nl}Heading To Heathrow Airport- January 22nd 2009{nl}

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More pics of Tom on Friday Night available in our gallery!{nl}Friday Night With Jonathan Ross – January 21st 2009{nl}{nl}Jonathan Ross’s conversation was littered with four-letter words and he made frequent comic references to Russell Brand, the fellow Radio 2 presenter forced to resign over his role in ‘Sachsgate’. At one point, Ross quipped: “I’m just off to offend the Pope.” {nl}Cruise, there to promote his latest film, Valkyrie, was drawn into the jokes. {nl}When Cruise said his career allowed him little time off, Ross suggested a way of freeing up his schedule for three months: “You should come on a night out with me and Russell Brand.” {nl}The Hollywood actor joked about starting up his own chat show, to which Ross replied: “**** you, Cruise.” When another guest, comedian Lee Evans, began swearing, Ross told him off in mocking style: “Easy, this is a brave new age.” {nl}Source:  Telegraph Co., UK

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{nl}Take a look at this wonderful first pic of Tom at the Valkyrie’s premiere in Amsterdam. He was with Carice van Houten and Halina Reijn. Check back often.  We will be adding many more pics in the coming hours.{nl} {nl}Many, many more pics available in our gallery! Just go to the link below.  Enjoy !!{nl}Amsterdam Valkyrie Premiere – January 22nd 2009

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Tom is in Amsterdam today to attend the Dutch premiere of Valkyrie this evening.  There is tremendous interest in the film in the Netherlands, thanks to Tom as well as Dutch actresses Carice van Houten and Halina Reijn who will accompany Tom to the premiere along with Bryan Singer.  {nl}Keep checking over the next few hours.  We will be posting HQ pics of the premiere as we did with Berlin and London.  {nl}Other European premieres will take place in Madrid, Paris and Rome over the coming days with a stop in Moscow and with additional stops being made during the month of February, including Brazil.   Other dates and stops are being scheduled at this time and we’ll keep you posted as the news becomes available. {nl}Source:  United Artists