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Below are a couple of excellent video’s of Tom at the Rio premiere of Valkyrie. {nl}In the first, you see him arriving with Katie as well as snippets of the press conference he gave earlier in the day. {nl}The second video is exclusively Tom interacting with his many loving fans. As usual, he was a sweetheart, stopping to sign autographs, take pictures and give out kisses! {nl}{nl}{nl}{nl}

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Tom showed off his ripped abdominal muscles and buff chest while swimming at the Copacabana Palace Hotel pool this morning in Brazil.  He was playing with Suri and taking her for a swim.  We think we just heard millions of women sighing!!  A great Dad who also looks HOT!  It doesn’t get any better than that!{nl}We’ve added more pics of Tom, Kate & Suri at the pool. Check them out at the gallery link below!!{nl}At Copacabana Hotel Pool – February 4th 2009{nl}{nl} 

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Here you have the first pics of the Valkyrie premiere in Rio de Janeiro. Tom was accompanied by Kate. Check back often.  We’ll be adding more pics as the evening goes on.  {nl}Premiere in Rio de Janeiro- February 3rd 2009{nl}

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Tom and Katie are attending the Brazilian premiere of Valkyrie as we speak.  Continue to check in this evening as we add many pics of the premiere to the gallery!  A link will follow soon!  {nl}{nl} 

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While Tom was at the photocall, Kate & Suri went for a stroll on the beach and then went shopping at a local mall. Enjoy the pics!{nl}Kate & Suri Strolling in Rio – February 3rd 2009{nl}{nl}Kate & Suri Shopping in Rio – February 3rd 2009{nl}

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Tom presented Valkyrie to the Brazilian press this morning and we’ve added some pics of the photocall in Rio de Janeiro. Keep clicking the link below as we’re constantly adding new pics to the gallery.{nl}Valkyrie Rio de Janeiro Photocall – February 3rd 2009{nl}

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Yesterday Tom and Kate went to a cocktail party for his movie at the Fasano Hotel and then they went to Porcao in Ipanema to eat dinner. Enjoy the pics in our gallery!{nl}Leaving Fasano Restaurant- February 2nd 2009{nl} {nl}

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MGM/UA’s Valkyrie held on to the mantle of top Hollywood film overseas thanks to an estimated $18.6m haul from approximately 3,900 screens in 26 markets that boosted the running total through Fox International to $38.9m.The three-day weekend was led by a quartet of number one launches that delivered $2.8m from 400 in Spain, $1.6m from 300 through a non-Fox release in France, $495,000 from 70 in Belgium and $449,000 from 70 in Sweden.The thriller about a historical plot to assassinate Hitler debuted in second place in Russia on $1.9m from 520 behind local title Samyi Luchshiy Film and, in a non-Fox release, also launched in second place behind local comedy Verdone in Italy, where $1.9m from 250 provided solid assurance of the ongoing appeal of Tom Cruise.Second weekend holdover highlights came from Germany, where $2.3m from 400 raised the tally to $7.3m, the UK with $1.9m from 455 for $5.9m and South Korea with $1.1m from 360 for $6.3m. Valkyrie ranks second in all three markets and in the case of the UK sits behind chart topper Slumdog Millionaire.There are no major releases scheduled for next weekend and the onslaught will resume on February 12 in 20 markets, among them Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Taiwan. Fox International executives will be heartened too by news that the film has been cleared to open in China on February 26 in one of the 20 coveted release slots bestowed upon non-Chinese films.{nl}Source:  Screen Daily{nl} 

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Tom is on the cover of the February issue of Spanish movie magazine Accion. Enjoy the scans in our gallery.{nl}Accion- February 2009{nl}

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Tom, Kate and Suri went to Angra dos Reis (Brazil) today. Enjoy the pics in our gallery.{nl}At Angra dos Reis- February 1st 2009{nl}