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Here you have some adorable pics of Tom, Kate and Suri at Copacabana Beach today.{nl}Copacabana Beach- January 31st 2009{nl}

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We’ve added some really gorgeous pics of Tom, Kate, and Suri arriving Copacabana Palace in Rio de Janeiro to the gallery.  He is in Rio with his older children as well as many family members to vacation and attend a press conference and the premiere of Valkyrie on Tuesday.{nl}Arriving Copacabana Palace – January 30th 2009{nl}

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{nl}Tom arrived at the Copacabana Palace in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil yesterday, January 30th, along with Katie,Suri, Bella and Connor to promote Valkyrie in South America and to enjoy a little vacation time with the entire family.  About 20 family members are with Tom in Brazil.  Must be quite a break from the cold he experienced in Europe and Moscow.  It’s good to see the family using this time to take a bit of a vacation during the promotion.  Tom will also be attending a party today and plans are to travel a bit around the Rio area as part of their vacation.  On Tuesday, Tom will hold a press conference before the actual premiere.  {nl}We will be adding tons of HQ pics to our gallery as the day goes on of Tom’s arrival, plus we will be covering the press conference and the premiere on Tuesday and any other public outings! 

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We’ve recently completely updated the upcoming international release schedule for Valkyrie in every region across the globe.  From major markets like China and Japan, to smaller markets like Serbia and Panama….we have them ALL.   If you’re not sure when Valkyrie opens in your country, go HERE.  We guarantee your country will be there! 

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We’ve added  scans of Le Figaro (Hors- S

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As many of you know, Valkyrie is just beginning it’s international release and it’s doing very, very well, taking the top spot in both the UK and Australia last weekend.  It has yet to be released many major markets including Japan, which is absolutely HUGE for Tom.  Japan is the last of all the international markets where Valkyrie will be released and that will happen on March 20th.  {nl}As of today, Valkyrie has been released in only 15 international markets with an additional 50 markets to follow in the next several weeks.  {nl}As of January 27th, Valkyrie’s domestic (US) haul is $80,975,712 million and it remains in 1110 theaters 5 weeks after it’s initial release.  It was able to earn back it’s production budget in just it’s domestic release which is a rarity these days.  {nl}In the limited international territories where it was just released Valkyrie has taken in a substantial $12,300,666 million for a total worldwide gross of $93,276,378.{nl}We have a full, updated release schedule for all international territories. Please check back later today for the full list. You’ll find it at our Valkyrie mini site.  We guarantee your territory will be available on the list!

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Tom attended the Valkyrie premiere in Rome.  You’ll find lovely HQ pics in our gallery.{nl}Valkyrie’s Premiere In Rome- January 28th 2009{nl}

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Tom is in all the Spanish newspapers today, because of his visit to Madrid yesterday for the promotion of Valkyrie. Visit our gallery to enjoy all the pics and read the interviews in all of them.{nl}Spanish Newspapers- January 28th 2009{nl}

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Yesterday, Tom was in Madrid and today, he’s in bella Roma presenting Valkyrie. Here you have the pics of the photocall at the Hassler Hotel this morning{nl}Valkyrie Rome Photocall – January 28th 2009{nl}

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We’ve added a ton of magazines scans to our gallery where you will be able to read the full article or interview.{nl}Gala magazine of last week has pics of Tom at the Golden Globes and an article about Claus von Stauffenberg.{nl}Gala- January 21st 2009{nl}{nl}Italian magazine IO Donna has Tom on the cover and an interview with him inside.  You can read the full interview in the gallery!{nl}IO Donna- January 2009{nl}{nl}And he’s also on the cover of Australian magazine Film Ink.  The full article can be read in the gallery!  {nl}Film Ink- January/February 2009{nl}