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Here you have some lovely pics of Kate & Suri doing some last minute Christmas shopping last December 24th. Enjoy!{nl}Kate & Suri Doing Some Christmas Shopping – December 24th 2009{nl}

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An exclusive THANK YOU from Tom to the people of Sevilla and Cadiz, Spain via the blog, first in English, then in Spanish:{nl}“I love your country and have been searching for years to find the right project to film here.  So to finally have the opportunity to film some of the key scenes in our movie on the streets, roof-tops and in the Villa’s of Sevilla and Cadiz has been very exciting andrewarding.{nl}The warm welcome and gracious hospitality you have extended to me, my family and our entire cast and crew has made this experience an especially memorable one.{nl}In addition to the many fantastic locations so graciously made available to us, we have had the pleasure of dining in many of your exquisite restaurants and touring the Cathedral, the Palace and many of your cultural and historic buildings. We visited the zoo, the park, enjoyed the rides at Isla Magica and cheered the Sevilla Football Clubfor their win against the Glasgow Rangers. Needless to say, we’ve had a terrific time!{nl}Movie making is a group activity and we couldn’t have accomplished all that we did were it not for the hard work and dedication of our Spanish crew. Thank you very much.{nl}From my family to all of your families, we wish you happy holidays and a healthy, prosperous New Year.{nl}Sincerely,{nl}Tom Cruise”{nl}Thanks to TomCruise.Com!

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{nl}{nl}We have a look at the very first promotional artwork for Knight and Day today!!  This is the first poster available.  Promotion will begin for the film immediately!!  YAY!! {nl}Check our forum for larger and full size images

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Enjoy these pics of the Cruise family celebrating Katie’s birthday yesterday in a pub in Sevilla.  Cameron joined Tom, Katie, Bella, Connor and Suri as well!Celebrating Katie’s Birthday in a Pub in Sevilla- December 17th 2009{nl}

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Enjoy these pics of Tom on the set of “Knight and Day” today in Sevilla.  It was the last day of filming in Spain.  The family will now head back to the states for the holidays and filming will resume after the New Year elsewhere.  {nl}On the Set in Sevilla- December 17th 2009{nl}

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We’ve added pics of Tom filming in the Macarena neighborhood in Sevilla yesterday. The Deputy Mayor of the city went to the set to present Tom and Cameron with a tile showing an image of the city as a gift honoring their time in Sevilla.Filming in Sevilla- December 15th 2009{nl}

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{nl} Take a look at these pics of the Cruise family leaving a bar in the neighbourhood of Triana on Saturday.Leaving Ordago Bar in Sevilla- December 13th 2009