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{nl}Enjoy this lovely video of Tom, Katie and Suri in the park in Cambridge last Saturday. {nl}


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Tom and Kate went to dinner at Liberty Hotel in Boston with some friends on Sunday. Enjoy the pics in our gallery.Dinner at Liberty Hotel in Boston- October 11st 2009{nl}

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Wondering about the supporting cast and what their roles will be in Tom’s new film, ‘Knight and Day’?  If so, enjoy these answers to your questions.{nl}Peter Saarsgard plays a government agent hellbent on catching Tom and Cameron’s characters.  {nl}Paul Dano has the role of a mysterious scientist behind a new and dangerous technology.{nl}Viola Davis plays the CIA director who is trying to figure out the meaning behind Tom and Cameron’s activities.{nl}Olivier Martinez is a merciless arms manufacturer.{nl}Maggie Grace is playing Cameron’s little sister.{nl}Marc Blucas has the role of Cameron’s fireman ex-boyfriend who’s still in love with her.  {nl}It all sounds really interesting and exciting!!  We can’t wait for the films release on July 2, 2010!! {nl}Sincere Thanks to Twentieth Century Fox 

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Here you have pics of Kate and Suri running in a track field in Boston yesterday.Kate & Suri Running in a Track Field in Boston- October 13rd 2009

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British tabloids and various other sources on the internet have been reporting that Suri will attend The Yawkey Center for Early Education and Care in the Dorchester section of Boston.{nl}THIS RUMOR IS NOT TRUE.   {nl}Catholic Charities says this is not true and the rumor started when Katie and Suri visited The Yawkey Center as part of a tour of the Boston Children’s Museum.  {nl}Source:  The Boston Globe

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Months after landing Tom Cruise over several other studios that courted him, 20th Century Fox has finally found a title for the film he is currently shooting. {nl}Studio has firmed “Knight & Day” as the new title for a film that had previously been known around town as “Wichita” and “Trouble Man.” {nl}Fox has also set Peter Sarsgaard, Viola Davis, Olivier Martinez, Paul Dano, Maggie Grace and Mark Blucas to star with Cruise and Cameron Diaz in the James Mangold-directed action comedy. Mangold wrote the most recent draft with Scott Frank. Joe Roth, Todd Garner, Steve Pink and Cathy Konrad are producing a film Fox will release July 2, 2010. Pic is shooting in Massachusetts, and will move to other locations that include Spain, Austria and the tropics. Cruise plays a man of mystery who links up with Diaz. They become fugitives, there are betrayals and shifting alliances all around them, and they must figure out whether to be guided by truth or trust. {nl}{nl}{nl}Source:  Variety

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We’ve added pics of Tom filming yesterday at the original location in South Boston location where the film first began shooting.  ‘Day and Knight’ will move to other locations in and outside the US later this month.Filming in Boston- October 12nd 2009{nl}And meanwhile Kate and Suri were running at a track field. Enjoy the lovely pics HERE.{nl}

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We’ve added tons of beautiful HQ pics to the gallery of Tom, Katie and Suri strolling in Boston after leaving Starbucks yesterday morning.  Suri’s even got her own cup!!  Out and About in Boston- October 11st 2009{nl}

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We’ve added more pics of Tom filming on October 8th and October 10th. Enjoy them HERE and HERE.{nl}{nl}

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We’ve added OVER 320 HQ PICS of Tom, Katie and Suri to the pics we posted earlier today.  They spent yesterday afternoon playing and enjoying the Charles River Basin Park in Cambridge.  THESE PICS ARE NOT TO BE MISSED!!  {nl}{nl}Out in a park in Cambridge (Massachussets) – October 10th 2009 {nl}Thanks to our administrator, pili for all her hard work!  {nl}