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{nl}Tom sent a special thank you to the citizens of Salzburg as well as the local crew he worked with while filming in the city.  We’re posting it in the original English Tom wrote the note in, but it was also translated to German for the locals.   Tom is an amazingly well mannered and caring man!{nl}“As we close out our filming of “Knight & Day” in Salzburg I would like to thank our German crew and the citizens of this beautiful city for your warm welcome and hospitality. {nl}Salzburg is a magical addition to our film and the hard work of our local crew made it possible for us to accomplish a great deal of work in a short period of time


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{nl}Tom was spotted greeting fans after leaving an office yesterday in Seville.{nl}{nl}He kindly stopped and shook hands before getting in the car.{nl}{nl}Enjoy the video here!{nl}{nl}{nl}

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We’ve added more pics from the filming in Cadiz (11/28) and Tom’s visit to Pilatos House (11/28) to the gallery. Enjoy them HERE  and HERE.{nl}

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Tom is on the cover of todays (11/29) Spanish newspapers.  The article talks about filming yesterday in Cadiz.  Enjoy the scans in our gallery.El Mundo Newspaper (Spain)- November 29th 2009{nl}

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The gallery has been updated with awesome pics of Tom and Cameron filming a spectacular action scene today in Cadiz.Filming in Cadiz- November 28th 2009{nl}{nl}And earlier today Tom, Cameron and Director James Mangold visited Pilatos House, where they’ll be filming next week.  Enjoy the pics HERE.{nl}

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{nl} Tom left Salzburg this morning and arrived in Sevilla later today. We hope to add more pics soon.

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Enjoy these pics of Tom as he continues filming in Salzburg last night. {nl}Filming in Salzburg- November 25th 2009{nl}

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{nl} We’ve added new pics of Tom and Suri at Modern Pastry in Boston on November 7th. Enjoy it!Dinner at Modern Pastry in Boston- November 7th 2009You can also enjoy pics of Katie and Suri on the set on Long Island yesterday HERE.

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{nl}Enjoy these amazing videos where you can see the spectacular stunts Tom is doing these days in Salzburg for “Knight and Day”.

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{nl}Take a look at these pics of Tom filming a scene for “Knight and Day” in Salzburg last night.Filming in Salzburg- November 24th 2009