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{nl} Here you have pics from the premiere in Rio last night.Rio de Janeiro- July 6th 2010After the premiere Tom and Cameron went to have dinner at Porc

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Enjoy these pics of Tom and Cameron at Copacabana Palace Hotel being interviewed for a Brazilian television.Interview at Copacabana Palace- July 6th 2010

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We’ve updated the gallery with tons of pics from the following albums.Recreating Scenes in Seville – June 16th 2010Seville- June 16th 2010New York Yankees vs Los Angeles Dodgers- June 27th 2010

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Tom is already in Brazil for the premiere of ‘Knight and Day’ that will take place tonight in Rio de Janeiro. Here you have pics of his arrival to Copacabana Palace Hotel this morning.Arriving at Copacabana Palace Hotel (Rio de Janeiro)- July 6th 2010{nl}{nl}

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{nl}Tom, Katie and Suri did some shopping at the Westfield Mall in Century City a day before Tom’s birthday. Enjoy HQ’s in our gallery. Shopping at the Westfield Mall- July 2nd 2010

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{nl} Tom is in a lot of magazines this month! Here you have the scans from Spanish magazine Imagenes.Imagenes (Spain) – July 2010

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{nl}We’ve added full size scans from various European magazines. Enjoy it in our gallery!Cinema (Gemany)- July 2010{nl}Accion (Spain)- July 2010{nl}Cinemania (Spain)- July 2010{nl}

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{nl} {nl}{nl}{nl}{nl}{nl}{nl}Power Rank{nl}56{nl}{nl}Pay{nl}$22.0 mil{nl}{nl}Category{nl}Actors{nl}{nl}Pay Rank{nl}73{nl}{nl}Web Rank{nl}25{nl}{nl}Press Rank{nl}38{nl}{nl}TV/Radio Rank{nl}43{nl}{nl}Social Rank{nl}43{nl} {nl}Cruise’s career has been rocky lately but thanks to a string of older hits that constantly play on TV, the star always earns big money. This year’s Knight and Day, costarring Cameron Diaz, could be just the thing to put Cruise back on top. A fourth Mission: Impossible is also in the works.{nl} {nl}Source: Forbes