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{nl} Tom is in a lot of magazines this month! Here you have the scans from Spanish magazine Imagenes.Imagenes (Spain) – July 2010

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{nl}We’ve added full size scans from various European magazines. Enjoy it in our gallery!Cinema (Gemany)- July 2010{nl}Accion (Spain)- July 2010{nl}Cinemania (Spain)- July 2010{nl}

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{nl} {nl}{nl}{nl}{nl}{nl}{nl}Power Rank{nl}56{nl}{nl}Pay{nl}$22.0 mil{nl}{nl}Category{nl}Actors{nl}{nl}Pay Rank{nl}73{nl}{nl}Web Rank{nl}25{nl}{nl}Press Rank{nl}38{nl}{nl}TV/Radio Rank{nl}43{nl}{nl}Social Rank{nl}43{nl} {nl}Cruise’s career has been rocky lately but thanks to a string of older hits that constantly play on TV, the star always earns big money. This year’s Knight and Day, costarring Cameron Diaz, could be just the thing to put Cruise back on top. A fourth Mission: Impossible is also in the works.{nl} {nl}Source: Forbes

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Knight and Day | Cameron Diaz | Tom Cruise | Hollywood Dailies | Movie Trailers

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Enjoy these pics of Tom with his mother and Connor at the game between the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium yesterday.New York Yankees vs Los Angeles Dodgers- June 27th 2010

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OUR SITE HAS BEEN NAMED IN FOTOGRAMAS MAGAZINE AS THE SITE TO GO TO FOR MORE INFORMATION ON TOM AND ‘KNIGHT AND DAY’!!  WE COULDN’T BE MORE EXCITED!!{nl}Scan of the full article is below (thanks to our dear Pili).  Check out page 7 for the acknowledgement.{nl}Sincere thanks to Fotogramas for noticing us!! 

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{nl}Fotogramas (Spain)- July 2010{nl}

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{nl}As we promised, check out these pics of Tom flying high over Hollywood Blvd along with a very nervous Jimmy Kimmel and signing autographs for fans after the show.  Check out the video below and in our media gallery for the full show on video!{nl} {nl}Special thanx to our dear member nickufan!{nl}The Jimmy Kimmel Show- June 25th 2010Signing Autographs After The Jimmy Kimmel Show- June 25th 2010{nl}