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Lauren Gottlieb, season 3 winner of ‘So You Think  You Can Dance’, has spoken recently about being called in to assist with the choreography on Tom’s amazing dance as Les Grossman at the MTV Awards.  This is what she had to say about our Tom:{nl}SY: You’re also a choreographer. Most recently, you choreographed the widely talked about dance performance of Tom Cruise as Les Grossman with Jennifer Lopez for the 2010 MTV Movie Awards. Did you have any idea that it would gain so much wide-spread recognition?{nl}LG: Yeah, I definitely did. I got called in to help, and I was actually coming from a ‘Glee’ rehearsal. I had no idea what I was walking into, and it was Tom Cruise. I was like, “You could have warned me!” But it was so much fun, and he’s brilliant. He threw himself into the character right away. Instead of trying to teach him steps, we just put on the song, and let him jam out, and see what would come out and see how his body would move. Then I would throw in some arms, and make it a little more visual. It was a couple of months we were going a good three times a week. I got to know the whole family pretty well. Being on set, where they shoot all the little acting bits for the Movie Awards, it was an amazing experience. I learned a lot, and got to see the real deal. He was amazing.{nl}Source:

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Here you have some lovely pics of Katie and Suri leaving a coffee shop in Toronto{nl}Katie & Suri Out in Toronto – August 8th 2010{nl}

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Here you have lots of scans from various international magazines.Top Magazzine (Mexico)- July 2010Down Town (Greece)- July 2010Premiere (Portugal)- July 2010Big Fish (Greece)- July 2010People- July 2010

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{nl} Enjoy these pics of Tom and Cameron at the ‘Knight and Day’ Photocall in Munich last month.Munich Photocall- July 21st 2010We’ve also added hundreds of pics to the following albums. Enjoy them!’Knight and Day’ Premiere in Munich- July 21st 2010’Knight and Day’ Press Conference in Martillac (France)- July 23rd 2010At the Tour of France (Bordeaux) – July 23rd 2010’Knight and Day’ Premiere in Bordeaux (France) – July 23rd 2010

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Here you have pics of Tom cruising in his Mustang with Connor yesterday in LA.Cruising in His Mustang with Connor- August 1st 2010We’ve also added pics of Katie and Bella shopping at Curry’s Art store in Toronto last week.Katie & Bella Shopping at Curry’s Art Store in Toronto- July 24th 2010Thanks to our dear members Nickufan and TomFrance.

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{nl} Here you have pics of Tom and Katie out for a ride in LA on Monday.Out for a Ride in LA- July 26th 2010We’ve also added piocs of Connor out and aobut in Hollywood on Sunday. Enjoy them!Connor Out and About in Hollywood- July 25th 2010

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{nl}Enjoy these pics of Tom and Cameron on the UK’s Top Gear TV Show.Top Gear (UK)- July 22nd 2010{nl}