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Tom Cruise is back.

Cruise, 53, returns as former military policeman and noted tough guy Jack Reacher in Jack Reacher: Never Go Back – and PEOPLE has the first look.

“I’ve never seen anybody more prepared both physically and mentally than Tom,” director Edward Zwick tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. “He’s tireless and unbelievably focused.”

The film, which shot in New Orleans, follows Cruise as he aids an Army major (Cobie Smulders) accused of spying – while dealing with some deep-rooted personal issues of his own.

And while Zwick says the sequel explores new aspects of the actor’s character and his relationships with those around him, one thing stays the same: Cruise showcases plenty of his signature do-it-yourself-stunts.

“It’s a pretty boring job to be Tom’s stunt double,” jokes Zwick. “He did all of his own stunts. It’s almost a hallmark of what he does. He does every bit of it himself.”

But Zwick adds that Smulders had no problem keeping up with a pro like Cruise. “She does it all herself, too. She didn’t use a stunt double.”

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, based on the best-selling Lee Child novels, hits theaters Oct. 21.


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Here you have a pic of Tom on the set of ‘The Mummy’ in London yesterday.

On Set of The Mummy in London- May 18th 2016


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Jerry Bruckheimer has share some photos of ‘Top Gun’ to commemorate its 30th Anniversary.

tcf_behindscenestopgun-064 tcf_behindscenestopgun-065 tcf_behindscenestopgun-067

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We’re celebrating Top Gun’s 30th Anniversary remembering some of its epic scenes.

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On this day in 1986, Top Gun is released in the USA becoming one of the most iconic films of the 1980s.

30 years later we still haven’t lost that lovin’ feeling for Maverick.

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We’ve added HQ’s of Tom filming ‘The Mummy’ in Surrey (UK) on May 12th.

Filming in Surrey (UK)- May 12th 2016



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Gallery update.

We’ve added HQ’s from the filming of ‘The Mummy’ in London on May 11th.

Filming in London- May 11th 2016




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Here you have new pics of Tom with Annabelle Wallis filming ‘The Mummy’ in London yesterday.

Filming in London- May 11th 2016


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One of the more awe-inspiring sequences in the movie Top Gun, which celebrates its 30th anniversary next week, occurs in its opening moments. Before Tom Cruise flashes a grin or any of the guys decide to play shirtless volleyball, we see images of Navy fighter jets gearing up for take-off and coming in for hairy twilight landings in the flight deck fog. It’s awesome, and in an exclusive clip above from the iTunes digital release of Top Gun, out today, Cruise himself talks about how awesome it was to witness in person.

“I was able to walk around. I went up to the deck and, watching these F-14s and these jets come in in the middle of the night, and seeing these guys call the ball and just right out there on the deck. And they’re just landing right in front of us and taking off, just like the opening,” Cruise recalls. “It was spectacular. You just couldn’t believe.“

Watch the clip for more. Oh, and funny coincidence: Know what F-14s were also often called? Tomcats.


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