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Postby Karine » Mon Jul 03, 2006 2:21 pm

What is a rank?

The rank shows how many posts the user has in the forum. It changes depending on the number of posts. Please, do not write unnecessary posts with the purpose of increasing your posts’ number because the administrators will DELETE them.

Tom's Addict – 2500 posts
Tom's Loyal Fan - 1000 posts
Tom's Fanatic - 650 posts
Tom's Big Fan – 200 posts
Tom's Fan – 30 posts
Newbie – until 29 posts


An avatar is the image that appears below your name in each post you make. In order to put or edit your avatar you have to:

1. Go to your Profile
2. Choose an image of our avatar’s gallery (don’t choose an image of TC Forever–Staff, because this one is restricted to administrators) or you can choose an image you have in your PC (Upload Avatar from your machine).

Maximum width: 130
Maximum height: 170
Maximum size: 3000000 bytes


Siggy is the image or text that appears below your posts.

How to put a Siggy?
Go to you Profile and in the space dedicated to Siggy, put a sentence, an image or both you prefer

In case you want to put an image, you have to host your picture using this website: (or another site which uploads images). Once in the website, you have to browse the picture you want to host in your PC disk and once to have it, click on Host it!
When the picture gets hosted, copy the last link that says “Direct Link to Image”.
Finally, paste the link in the siggy space between [IMG] tags, like the example below:


You can also write a text.

It’s IMPORTANT that your siggy will be appropriated, according to the rules of the forum.

How to post pictures in the forum?

1. You have to host your picture using this website:

2. Once in the website, you have to browse the picture you want to host in your pc disk, and once you have it, click on Host it!

3. When the picture gets hosted, copy the last link that says "Direct link to image"

4. Then paste the link in your post between [IMG] tags

Doubts about the forum:

I cannot login!
This can happen to some users, so we recommend cleaning your cookies from your pc before login. If after doing this you cannot login either, send an email to the administrators.

Problems in some topics...
There are topics that when you try to access them the message “No topic exists” shows up.
When we changed hosts, we decided to save our database and put all the old posts to the new forum. Some of the topics do not work properly, so we ask you to ignore them and write in the new ones. We thought it was a better idea to lose some post that losing it all.

Why do I have always to register and post?
This is a forum dedicated to Tom fans only, and not dedicated to lurkers. Your continuous participation is essential.

How can I delete or edit a topic?
Moderators and administrators can edit or delete posts. Members, depending on the topic, can delete or edit their posts. Up in your post, you will find the options of edit and delete (X).
Moderators and administrators can also delete or edit the members’ posts if necessary.

What is a Sticky Topic?
A Sticky Topic is used to announce something important. It is really important that members always read these topics. Only moderators and administrators can create a Sticky Topic.

What is a Locked Topic?
Locked Topics acquired this status because the administrators and moderators have decided it. Users cannot post comments in a locked topic. Topics can be locked for several reasons.
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