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Tom is receiving terrific reviews for his performance as Stacee Jaxx in ‘Rock of Ages’. Here you have some of them.


The best part of the film is Cruise. As Stacee Jaxx, a mysterious, nebulous rock star oozing with sex appeal who’s lost in the bounty of fame (but may want more), he’s seriously appealing. Cruise, no surprise, commits entirely to the enterprise. He can slither, he can seduce, and he can sing! (He’s almost too good, actually. Take that, naysayers!)


 Here’s where Tom Cruise comes in and steals the movie. As Jaxx, he’s a hilarious, tattoo-covered portrait of rock excess, covered in groupies, followed by a loyal baboon, and prone to saying things like “You can’t tame the fire phoenix.” Cruise’s on-stage performances of rock hits like “Pour Some Sugar On Me” are lots of fun, but he’s even better offstage, looking at the world with a strange, cocked-head stillness.


Cruise is a delight. He swaggers into his role, channeling Axl Rose and any number of heavy-metal rockers whose eccentricities and bad-boy lifestyles made as many headlines as their music.


Rock of Ages, there is one reason to see this movie. Is a single performance enough to recommend a movie? If so, go.

Rock of Ages is saved by Tom Cruise. He gives a bravura performance. His character Stacee Jaxx blows the wimps and wannabes around him off the screen.

I assume the target audience for Rock of Ages is the one that salivates and identifies with tv talent shows. Cruise transcends them.

Cruise struts, leans, tilts and carouses. His layered performance is the one credible paean to rock and roll in the movie. He throbs with energy and glints of perception.

Cruise is an iconic presence.

Cruise absolutely deserves a Best Supporting Actor nomination.

Tom Cruise was impressive as the struggling singer trying to find his way back to reality.

But it’s Tom Cruise who owns this movie.  His Stacee Jaxx is absolutely terrific.  He completely becomes this burnt outrocker who forgot the meaning of rock n roll.  It’s such an outrageous, “out there” performance it could only be done by a fearless actor.  And guess what?  That man can sing!  He has a great presence.  Cruise is such a committed actor, that I’m convinced he can do just about anything.  He’s one actor that hasn’t let the bad press get to him, he is still giving 100%.


The biggest surprise is how I could easily do this review solely on Tom Cruise’s wowing performance as Stacey Jaxx. He’s an absolute scream, from his larger-than-life swagger to his uproarious eccentricity. His introduction and following interview with Rolling Stone had me rolling. He’s extremely talented when it comes to singing (I was in utter awe during his renditions of “Wanted Dead or Alive” and “Pour Some Sugar on Me”). But the real gem of the performance is how Cruise is somehow able to convey a rocker whose already past his prime both on and off the stage, but even with that over-the-hill element deeply rooted, he still implants a larger-than-life charisma and stage power in everything he does. Even with him only being a fraction of what he used to be, he can level a woman with little more than a gaze. What’s so great about both Cruise and Jaxx is that they embody the heart and soul of what made the classic rock n’ roll rock stars catch the hearts of women across the nation for decades. Jim Morrison… Mick Jagger… Steven Tyler… Cruise acts like he’s been one of these guys his whole life in how he oozes charisma and emotes sexual magnetism that feels deserving of his character’s reputation. This is a brilliant role from a brilliant actor. This is an actual “performance,” one that explodes on screen and takes our senses hostage. I’ve never liked Cruise as much as I do here. This is a definite for a Golden Globe and maybe even have a possibility for some Oscar attention.


Stacee is very much a supporting character in Chris D’Arienzo’s Tony-award-winning 2009 musical. But he’s also the star of the show, the one everybody else is dying to see, to make or to emulate. Cruise has the charisma to sell all that even as he shows us a boozed-up captive to celebrity, sex and ego. When he does perform, he’s electric. However, Cruise is just as good in the dialogue scenes.

I have to give big time props to Tom Cruise who absolutely sold the part of legendary rocker, 100% believable. From the demeanor, to the hat/bandana/glasses/mink coat ensemble, to the drinking, and most importantly the singing. This guy can ROCK. He has great stage presence, and has the pipes, belting out classic song after classic song. Sure it’s a movie and they are acting, and this is what they are suppose to be doing, but it’s whole other ball game to add singing, while acting. And it’s him actually singing, I can’t stress that enough, this isn’t dubbed, and it makes this movie THAT much better.

Tom Cruise is and was Stacee Jaxx, you want to party with him, you want to see him perform live, and it’s already one of my top three favorite individual performances of the year.

Then there is Tom Cruise. It is rare for an actor to receive an Oscar nomination for a musical, but Cruise truly deserves one here. As he did in Tropic Thunder Cruise shows us that he has another skill in his wide arsenal. He absolutely shines as Stacee Jaxx. He steals every scene he is in and has a stage presence that would make Jon Bon Jovi jealous. Then comes the real surprising part… his voice. Cruise does such an amazing job with his vocals that if he wanted to start his life again he could easily become a rock star. Many criticized Cruise being selected in this role but it is hard to imagine anyone doing as good of job as he does… this is seriously one of the best performances in his distinguished career, and that is saying something.
Rock of Ages
is a sensational musical that is going to introduce the new generation to some of the finest rock music ever recorded, but despite everything working in its favor you get the feeling that it will be remembered mainly for the sensational performance by its leading man… Tom Cruise.

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We’ve updated the Rock of Ages gallery with these crew passes.

Promotional Pics

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Check out this pic of Stacee Jaxx and Arsenal.  Arsenal is the band that plays behind Tom’s character.  This prop hangs in Stacee’s managers office and is supposed to be from a previous tour. 

Promotional Pics

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We would love to have a copy of Jaxx Attaxx magazine, unfortunately that’s only a movie prop created by Eric Rosenberg for the movie.

Promotional Pics


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Enjoy pics and video of Tom’s appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno for the promotion of ‘Rock of Ages’.

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno- June 8th 2012


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Enjoy the pics of the Rock of Ages premiere in London.

London- June 10th 2012

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Enjoy HQ’s of Tom attending the Rock of Ages premiere in Los Angeles a few hours ago.

Los Angeles- June 8th 2012

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Here you have the scans of W Magazine.

W Magazine- June 2012

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