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Yesterday, Tom, Kate & Little Suri went to the birthday party of Grier (Brooke Shields’ daughter) who shared birthday day with Suri. Here you have a preview of the pictures, more in the gallery{nl}Attending Brooke Shields’ Daughter B-Day Party – April 22nd 2007{nl}

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Today, we make 2 years we are online and we want to thank all the fans and members of this community for their comments, donations, etc, who also helped us build the sweetest site in the Internet dedicated to a such a wonderful human being that Tom is. Also, it’s very important to say that without the great work of the staff of the site, TC Forever won’t be alive. {nl}Let’s hope we can turn many more years!!!!!Now, it’s time to party!!{nl}THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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Tom & Kate attended the NYC Rescue Workers Detoxification Project Benefit Gala in NYC yesterday evening. Here you have a preview of the pictures, more in the gallery{nl}NYC Rescue Workers Detoxification Project Benefit Gala – April 19th 2007{nl}{nl}Also, following these links you can read some reports and watch some videos of the night: Access Hollywood,  AP/Yahoo & ABC Local News (Thanks Myma) 

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EDINBURGH actress Louise Hay has landed her first movie role, in a film starring Robert Redford, Tom Cruise and Meryl Streep. {nl}The Murrayfield-born actress, who now lives with husband Ronald Richards in Los Angeles, has spent the past week filming her role in Lions For Lambs, which is also being directed by screen veteran Redford. {nl}The film centres on two army rangers in Afghanistan and Louise, 26, plays a doctor. {nl}It is only her second role, following a part in the popular TV series CSI:NY last month. {nl}She said: “The prospect of working with a legend like Robert Redford was initially very intimidating, but once I knew my lines backwards and forwards, inside and out, I felt sure I could get through the scene.” {nl}Lions for Lambs is still in production, and is expected to be released later this year.{nl}Source: Scotsman Com{nl} 

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Tom & Kate dined at Maestro’s Restaurant on Tuesday and here we have the pictures. Btw, gorgeous car, Tom!{nl}Leaving Maestro’s Restaurant – April 10th 2007{nl}{nl}Watch two videos of the evening: here and here

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After a three-year stint as head of publicity for Buena Vista Pictures Marketing, Dennis Rice will leave the Mouse for United Artists as president of worldwide marketing and publicity. {nl}Rice, who will report to UA chief exec Paula Wagner, will oversee all areas of the studio’s marketing and publicity for theatrical release, homevideo and ancillary markets worldwide, as well as interact with MGM, the newly reborn studio’s growing distribution arm. {nl}Rice said his goal for UA is to be seen “as a studio that the top talent in Hollywood wants to make their movies with.” He began his career at Disney in 1992 as head of marketing for the Buena Vista home entertainment division and moved into the feature realm in 1998 as prexy of marketing and publicity for October Films, a specialty unit of Universal Pictures. {nl}A year later, he moved on to the brothers Weinstein, stepping in as president of marketing at Miramax. {nl}Source: Variety

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How do a nation’s elite rid themselves of a deranged chief executive or commander who is bent on leading the country astray? No, we’re not talking here about our own life and times. We’re talking Nazi Germany. United Artists announced last week that Tom Cruise will be starring in a World War II thriller just acquired. But no details as to exactly what that meant. We’re here to tell you now. Movie projects are famous for dragging on, for rewrites, revisions, re-thinking. A great project may languish for years. But only a few months ago, writers Chris McQuarrie and Nathan Alexander got together with “X-Men” director Bryan Singer. They had all worked together on the critically acclaimed movie “The Usual Suspects,” which starred Kevin Spacey. And then they went to UA with their project titled “Valkyrie.” At UA, Bryan met with none other than Tom Cruise and just in the last month, Tom has been set to play the lead as a heroic German colonel, Count Claus Schenk von Stauffenberg, the man who led the “July Plot” to assassinate Adolf Hitler. Singer says: “Originally, Chris and Nathan and I brought the project to UA because it seemed like a good match. UA was founded as an artist-based studio. Tom and Paula Wagner were clearly carrying on the tradition. The film was greenlit quickly. I admit in the back of my mind I always thought Tom would be a great fit for this role, beyond his physical resemblance. We met a few times about production and my desire to offer the part to him crystallized.” This seems to be one of those adventures that happen only rarely. UA will forge ahead and make the movie early this summer because Bryan is set to go ahead on “Superman” at Warner Bros. The McQuarrie-Alexander script is described as excellent with suspense, honor, horror and history all mixed in together. To some of us it will be heroic history, to youngsters it will be a thriller. Tom and his partner Paula are very positive and excited about their new professional life at UA. They are already working on their first effort there — “Lions for Lambs,” to star Tom, Meryl Streep, Robert De Niro and Robert Redford. The latter also directs.{nl}Source: Variety

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The new United Artists has named its top business exec, tapping entertainment attorney Elliott Kleinberg as chief operating officer. {nl}Kleinberg, who previously represented Cruise/Wagner Prods. along with clients such as Jack Nicholson, J.K. Rowling and the Rolling Stones while at Kleinberg Lopez Lange Cuddy Edel & Klein, will oversee all legal, financial and business affairs for UA. {nl}He will report to Paula Wagner, who heads UA along with Tom Cruise. {nl}Kleinberg’s “expertise in business affairs as well as in legal and financial matters is enormous,” Wagner said in a statement. “We look forward to working with him to make United Artists a creative and financial success.” {nl}Source: Variety

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Here are you have some videos from entertainment shows of Tom and Kate at Mentor LA: Video 1 – Video 2

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