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‘Let Tom Cruise be your inspiration and hustle to secure your Festival tickets now. Where is Tom Cruise running to? To get his TFF 2014 tickets, of course!  Join the dash to buy the best seats to our best movies before it’s too late. Maybe securing your festival seats is not quite the extreme situation […]

Here you have the new French trailer for ‘Edge of Tomorrow’.  

The studio tweeted yesterday that it is bringing three of its high-priority summer pics to the Anaheim Convention Center this weekend. Saturday’s Warner Bros panel will cover ‘ Edge of Tomorrow’. The annual sci-fi, movie and comic book confab runs Friday to Sunday. Source:

Here you have a preview from French magazine L’Ecran Fantastique, May 2014. L’Ecran Fantastique (France)- May 2014  

Here you have an outtake from the Empire magazine photoshoot, which has been posted at Tom’s twitter. Empire- May 2014

Here you have the scans (with the two different covers) of Empire magazine. Enjoy the interesting article and interview with The Legend of Our Lifetime. Empire- May 2014  

Here you have a scan with a preview of ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ from Total Film magazine, April 2014. Total Film- April 2014

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